Myriad Design: The Motley Pendant by KARE Design

Use the word “motley” to describe a light fixture and one-third of the population may wonder if you might be referring to rock’n’roll music, another third will think you’re speaking of the bright outfits worn by court jesters or harlequins, and the last one-third will understand the actual definition for the word, as an adjective, which is “variegated in color” or “composed of diverse, often incongruous elements”.

Motley pendant lamp. Manufactured by KARE Design.

Nine Varied Pendant Lights in an Assortment of Colors

KARE Design decided that all of the above could be afforded to their Motley pendant lamp. With nine different lampshades hanging from a strip of ceiling metal, the lighting fixture is a varied design of color and punchy attitude as if calling on the Mötley Crüe themselves.

Motley pendant lamp. Manufactured by KARE Design.

Each of the nine different lampshades are made with colorful, textile-covered cables and a wide assortment of glossy and matte finish shades. The iron and glass fixtures are described by KARE as lighting fixtures that “radiate atmospheric light above the dining table”. Working with nine E14 bulbs of 25W, the total measurement of the Motley pendant light is 1.25 m (49.2″) x 1.45 m (57.1″)x 0.09 m (3.54″).

Motley pendant lamp. Manufactured by KARE Design.

About the Designer/Manufacturer: Based in Munich, Germany, theKARE Design team stands as a trendsetting body of modern furniture design and product manufacturing. Since 1981 they’ve based their growth on high quality products with a touch of funk. These days, they have a global network of KARE shops that includes 45 franchise partners, international sales offices, in-house designers and producers in over 60 countries.

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