Handcrafted Water Tower Lounge Chairs by Bellboy

Water towers where I come from are tall and white, with a shape suggestive of an other worldly structure. They have always reminded me of The Jetson’s cartoon from my youth – which is about the closest I come to appreciating science fiction. For now, ignore the big white mental image and focus instead on the old-fashioned wooden water towers. Though I personally have never seen this version of the utilitarian structures up close, a Brooklyn-based wood shop that goes by the name of Bellboy definitely has.

Water Tower chair. Designed by Bellboy.

Reclaimed Water Tower Lumber Makes this Bellboy-made Lounger a Strong Choice.

In order to create their Water Tower chair, the team of designer-manufacturers dug through old towers in New York City to bring us an assortment of gorgeous wood reworked into the form of a sleek lounge chair that one would never guess is made from 100% recycled lumber.

Water Tower chair. Designed by Bellboy.

The collaborative team of woodcrafters designed the “low lying lounge” style Water Tower chair with 39″W x 35″H x 30″D dimensions. Not exactly in the shape of a water tower (which would be more like a bulbous counter stool, I suppose) its wide seat and narrow headrest looks ergonomically pleasing to the eye and would be the perfect spot for an afternoon patio sun soak.

Water Tower chair. Designed by Bellboy.

Using what they call “Old Growth California Redwood” to create the chair itself, Bellboy includes Coastal Maine-educated woodworkers who know a thing or two about gorgeous, handmade furnishings that strive for all local material use.

About the Designer: The skilled craftspeople of Bellboy, based in Brooklyn, New York, are a apparent in each design they carefully produce. Said to be founded by a former ad executive art director, Bellboy is based on the woodmaking methods of Coastal Maine. The team focuses on simplicity in furniture design as well as multi-functional space design, producing handmade works with mostly locally-sourced materials.

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