Curves in all the Right Places: Victoria + Albert’s Cabrits Freestanding Tub

When last we heard from manufacturer Victoria + Albert—the company that creates bathtub beauties from the demure Cheshire to the minimalist style of Asia—they were busy collaborating with star photographer Chris Crumley to showcase the oxymoronic yet endlessly captivating prospect of a mermaid taking a bath. The emerging consensus from that conflux of art and design was that, were a mermaid to bathe, she would doubtless prefer the sleek and sensuous outlines of the company’s Victorian slipper tub. Now Victoria + Albert have posed a new proposition for the scenic mise en scene of the bath: the undeniably sexy Cabrits freestanding bathtub.

Cabrits freestanding tub. Manufactured by Victoria + Albert.

The Cabrits Tub Recalls the Geography of an Island Paradise

So what is Cabrits and why does it seem to resemble the slipper of a fairytale princess? In fact, that correspondence is almost entirely accidental, as Victoria & Albert modeled this exquisite piece not after the enduring icon of Cinderella, but rather the organic curvatures of the Cabrits Peninsula.

Cabrits Freestanding Tub. Manufactured by Victoria + Albert.

Cabrits—a National Park at the North End of the Caribbean Island of Dominica—is known for its tropical forests, coral reefs, and wetlands, as well as for the gentle undulations of its lush topography. Victoria & Albert reasoned that modeling a tub after this organic curvature could only improve the bathing experience.

And so it does. Cabrits not only sports a singularly lovely look that expands the aesthetic repertoire of the bath, it also provides a host of functional benefits to improve the bathing experience. The subtle interior hump formed at the junction of the two halves provides support to the mid and lower back—“cradling bathers of all sizes in an optimized position.” Further, the gentle rise facilitates easy entry and exit, giving users a stable platform of support that decreases the risk of slipping. Lastly, the unique shape of Cabrits helps conserve water. The maximum volume of 176 Liters is enough for a luxurious bath without the need for excessive filling.

Cabrits Freestanding Tub. Manufactured by Victoria + Albert.

Cabrits is constructed of Quarrycast, a material naturally rich in volcanic limestone. Limestone’s innate insulative qualities keep the material warm to the touch while maintaining a consistent water temperature for longer periods.

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About the Manufacturer: Victoria + Albert designs and manufactures volcanic limestone baths, in addition to vessel basins, bath and basin mixers, and a variety of bathtub and sink accessories. If a “volcanic limestone tub” is new parlance to you, you might better know the material under the term “Englishcast,” a high performance resin that captures the look of classic cast iron tubs without the inconvenience of the weight. Victoria + Albert’s line of Englishcast bathtubs runs the gamut—from iconic silhouettes like the classic Victorian Slipper Tub (Roxburgh), to contemporary stunners like the capacious ios or the spout-style Amalfi.

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