Brian Rasmussen’s Layered Libera Lamp by Lucente

Cunning, it merrily sits over a campfire, filled with seasoned vegetables and herbs. Sharp, it will slice your mouth on the top of a soda can if the tab breaks off. Destructive, cover a bowl with it and place it in your microwave. All of the above are clearly ways that aluminum are commonly used and/or avoided. Like it or not, I think of such things when I hear of thin sheets of aluminum used in light fixtures just as I do now with the Libera lamp by Brian Rasmussen for Lucente.

Libera lamp. Designed by Brian Rasmussen. Manufactured by Lucente.

Contour Curves Layer Throughout the Libera Lamp for a Clean Source of Illumination

Concocted as an “evocative” lamp that has been formed using various, spread out layers of aluminum sheets that are cut in rounded, wave-like designs, the Libera lamp is truly a sight for sore eyes. Playing tricks on its juxtaposition as a hanging lamp (or resting on the tabletop) the light is reflected onto the slick pieces of aluminum through a blown glass cylinder in its center.

Libera lamp. Designed by Brian Rasmussen. Manufactured by Lucente.

“The light and shade effects, which change according to the angles, give the design dynamism and are reminiscent of waves,” describes Rasmussen, the Danish designer whose lamp’s sedimentary approach to layering in solid matte white glows as a focal point above a or set within any residential interior.

Libera lamp. Designed by Brian Rasmussen. Manufactured by Lucente.

Perfectly separated and slightly twisted, the round globe known as the Libera lamp by Brian Rasmussen delights us as a spectacle of curvaceous aluminum with a slightly torqued, layering design.

About the Manufacturer: Lucente is a Treviso, Italy-based lighting manufacturer that prides itself in modern sources of illumination. Using designers from around the world to create their masterpieces, the lighting company’s focus rests in the world of innovation and technological updates to keep their products ahead of the curve in elegance, style, originality and absolute efficiency.

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