A New Classic: The Symphony Bench by OFS

How does something become a classic? Well, really it’s very simple – design something that’s not overdesigned.  Keep it simple. Make it unique. Just don’t over do it. The Symphony bench designed by Tim Murphy for OFS does just that. Composed of the right amount of rhythmic elements, it has a graceful presence that blends together artistic waves and comfort.

Symphony bench. Designed by Tim Murphy. Manufactured by OFS.

Symphony Bench designed by Tim Murphy for OFS.

Create Sleek Harmony in a Public Space with the Beautiful Symphony Bench by OFS

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been through four different airports and noticed how the typical airport linked seating pieces have become an icon, used over and over again throughout the years and in many airports.  However, there’s always room for a new style.  Especially one that is made using sturdy finishes in a tranquil way. The Symphony bench gently rises and falls, creating seating for two to eight with cast aluminum legs and a formed plywood seat structure to give new meaning to public space.

Symphony Bench designed by Tim Murphy for OFS.

Inspired by Tim Murphy’s original LTM two-seat bench, Symphony evolves from wire legs to cast aluminum legs, making it more durable for the hustle and bustle of an airport or a busy public space.  Its soothing oplulence makes it also a great seat for the library or museum.  This classic bench has a number of options available. It comes in either a single version, for against the wall (which seats two, three or four), or in a double version (which seats four, six or eight using both sides of the bench).  The structured legs are polished chrome, the perfect accompaniment to the wood finishes that include: matte cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple and oak.

Whether you’re dashing through the airport or taking in a classic at the museum, look around to see if Symphony can give you a quick moment of tranquility.

About the Manufacturer: Based in Huntingburg, IN, OFS is a leading manufacturer of casegoods, seating and furnishings for a wide range of architectural environments. OFS provides creative and competitive solutions to customers’ worldwide interior architecture needs and aspirations.

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