13107 Flame Auditorium Chairs by Figueras International Seating

Admittedly a huge fan of astronomical, super plush movie theater seats, I have a hard time understanding why thin, fixed auditorium seats get the short end of the stick. After all, a normal movie lasts between an hour and a half to two hours. And I’m quite sure I’ve taken tests in university that last just as long, if not longer. The one obvious reason that comes to mind may be the amount of incredulous research and development put into a chair like the 13107 Flame seating by Figueras.

13107 Flame auditorium seating. Manufactured by Figueras International Seating.

The Thin 13107 Flame Auditorium Seating Design is Driven by its Silent Folding and Incredible Acoustic Properties.

Built with a slim profile to make walking through thin aisles easy and risk-free, the 13107 Flame fixed seating takes an artful approach to auditorium chairs. The side angle when in its neutral, folded-up position resembles a fiery flame, blasting up from the aluminum column beneath. Unlike other auditorium seating styles that are boxier in style, or that act like a bench instead of individual, fixed chairs – see the C 600 collection by Sedia Systems or the Mauro 3100 bench by Figueras – the 13107 Flame seating pops up effortlessly into a folded position and yet maintains a decent cushion with exceptional acoustic properties.

13107 Flame auditorium seating. Manufactured by Figueras International Seating.

According to the research and development put into each of the Figueras International Seating chair designs, the folding up and down is extremely quiet and automatic. Since acoustics continue to be the most important characteristic of a great auditorium – especially when students come and go mid-lecture or performance – this silent feature of the 13107 Flame chair is vital to its design. Aside from the hushed functionality of the chair and its optional armrests, the 13107 Flame comes mounted on an aluminum column with a central spring and has a TS System fire barrier for added safety.

13107 Flame auditorium seating. Manufactured by Figueras International Seating.

Whether you’re heading to a new release in the theater or going to see your favorite professor lecture, the hour or two spent in a fixed audience chair should make you eager to return for the comfort and/or the smart design of the chair’s angles and acoustics.

About the Manufacturer: For over 75 years, Figueras International Seating has been a global company with a focus on the innovation and long-lasting design of contract seating for public projects. According to their website, they have installed more than 7.5 million seats around the world since they started their company, which is based in their three area offices within Madrid, Barcelona and Portugal. Thanks to their 30 sales directors and 220 global agents, the brand is distributed within each continent.

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