So Chic Chic: ChiChi by Darran

ChiChi by contract furniture company Darran is a product with a great name. Admittedly, ChiChi is fun to say—the repetition and “ch” sound give it an almost machine-like quality, like the sound of a train. In certain Spanish-speaking countries, Chi Chi is also a term of endearment (my mother calls my father Chi Chi). Note of caution: other Spanish speakers use the term Chi Chi to refer to something else (something far more intimate). And there are other connotations: for many, ChiChi means fancy or expensive. In any case, when Darran named their lounge seating ChiChi, they must have known people would associate the furniture with lavish tastes (and perhaps a sexy Latin vibe).

ChiChi Lounge Seating. Designed by John Stafford & Chris Carter Design, LLC. Manufactured by Darran.

Soft, Curvy Contemporary Contract

The seating in the ChiChi collection includes a club chair and a sofa, both available with or without tufting. Either model gives a feeling of elegance to any contract environment. “A playful, modern statement,” ChiChi features soft curves and contemporary lines. Neither too big nor too small, ChiChi accommodates guests of all sizes. People in the club chair will be enveloped in its luxurious upholstery. Couples and duos of all kinds can enjoy the sofa, which gives a feeling of privacy in visiting and lounge areas.

ChiChi Lounge Seating. Designed by John Stafford & Chris Carter Design, LLC. Manufactured by Darran.

ChiChi is made in the United States using environmentally-friendly materials, making it an excellent choice for companies who want to buy American. A group of tufted ChiChi club chairs in purple velvet make a great statement in a cigar room. Two simple ChiChi sofas facing each other lend themselves well to waiting rooms, especially in offices with limited space. A group of ChiChi furniture in celery gives a calming effect that’s perfect for spas, salons, and eco-friendly hotels.

About the Manufacturer: Darran Furniture is a woman-owned, family-operated business that manufactures contract furniture, including wood desk collections, reception stations, conference tables, and seating solutions. Based in High Point, North Carolina, Darran produces all of its products in the United States, importing less than one percent components. The company uses a built to order process, so every piece is specifically manufactured for its customer.

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