The Exceptional Kassiopeia Kitchen Vents by Silverline

If I someday stop writing about interior design and architecture products I've decided to be the person who names cars. I'll research an eccentric, easily pronounced word that can be traced back to something miraculous, to a constellation, or perhaps to a God in Greek mythology. If I don't stop writing about my obsession with design, I'd definitely prefer to write about vent hoods with names like Kassiopeia Deluxe and Kassiopeia Eco hoods that handily take care of the above criteria.

Kassiopeia Deluxe hood. Manufactured by Silverline.

German-made Kassiopeia Deluxe and Kassiopeia Eco Range Hoods are Modern and Intelligent Kitchen Appliances

Translated from German to English, "a seal for the best of the best" begins the news release that details Silverline's Kassiopeia Deluxe kitchen hood winning the Plus X Award for high quality, design, ease of use and as "Best Product of the Year". Products that are awarded the Plus X Award are consistently chosen for their excellence and functionality above all else, making the consumer's life simplified as well as being what they refer to as "ecologically sensible".

Kassiopeia Deluxe hood. Manufactured by Silverline.

With a similar aesthetic design to the Kassiopeia Deluxe range hood, the Kassiopeia Eco is a great option with features that vary ever so slightly. Both hoods come in 60, 80 and 90 cm sizes with  an exhaust port and dishwasher-proof metal grease filters. The differences come in the power used and the touch control LED electronic design with a 15-minute delay and automatic grease filter cleaning indicator that comes in a 3-stage control for the Eco hood and a 5-stage control for the Deluxe. Additional features keep the Kassiopeia Deluxe quieter, more illuminated (with LED lights and more halogen lighting) as well as a power consumption level that is lower.

Kassiopeia Deluxe hood. Manufactured by Silverline.

Kassiopeia Eco hood. Manufactured by Silverline.

Kassiopeia Deluxe hood. Manufactured by Silverline.

Since both exhaust air and recirculated air operation features come with each of the two Silverline appliances, the Deluxe and Eco range hoods set out to keep the air moving through your culinary workplace with a graceful nod to the strong root of its title.

About the Manufacturer: Silverline is a German manufacturer of high quality range hoods for the kitchen. While they are looked to for the latest trends and technologies that enter the residential home appliance sector, they continue to find innovative ways to improve their wide variety of products. Through maximizing efficiency, the energy-conscious consumers and those seeking quiet, luxurious solutions to air flow rely on the Silverline philosophy of timeless integrity in over 200 models they produce.

Posted April 26, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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