Falmec’s Butterfly Kitchen Hood Flaps Its Wings for Fume Control

Semi-futuristic in aesthetic, its brushed AISI 304 stainless steel doors open like wings either automatically or at the touch of a button. Imagine the scene from Wall-E (or any spaceship movie) where the underside of the ship opens up to retrieve Eve (or abduct insert name here). Falmec’s Butterfly does so to suck up fumes, grease and smoke. This modern range hood belongs to the Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer Falmec’s new 2010 collection.

Butterfly. Designed by Falmec.

The range hood is something of a necessity in most homes.  Unless, of course, you don’t mind the smell of garlic in your bedroom or the incessant sound of the smoke detector – and assuming you cook. Fortunately now, moreso than every, range hoods don’t have to be an eyesore in order to be effective. Falmec’s Butterfly brings together technology and high quality design.  Equipped with a powerful 4-speed 800 m³/h blower and incorporated 15 minute run-on function with auto shut off, the Falmec Butterly is capable of completely extracting the most persistent odors (back to the garlic). Its touch controls and frontal door with automatic opening system make it easy to use, as do its numerous useful and efficient options (removable and washable metal grease filters, charcoal filter, advanced perimeter aspiration system). It is available with a black or white tempered glass canopy  – and to finish it off (at least aesthetically) the Falmec Butterfly is equipped with either LED or neon lights.



Choose from 70cm and 90cm versions for island or wall installation. Either way , the contemporary design offers a great way to update your kitchen – in addition to being extraordinarily useful. But if you’d rather go the artistic route than with a technical aesthetic, have a look at the Italian company Elica.

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