HegoWaterDesign’s I.WO and I.WO.e

The trend of technology in the bathroom emerges yet again with Hego’s new series I.WO, I.WO.e, two projects in stainless steel that are formally similar but feature “two souls and different interfaces”. Regulating the parameters of temperature and flow becomes simple, albeit different, in each of the designs: through the subtle scroll of a wheel or tap of a finger with Hego’s mechanical version or electronic version, respectively.

I.WO. Designed by HegoWaterDesign.

I.WO, Hego’s mechanical version, uses two discrete wheels at the front corner of the faucet to control temperature and flow independently. If you remember the volume control on your old walkman, these wheels function quite similarly while looking far more sophisticated.  Hego’s electronic version, I.WO.e, puts the controls at your fingertips with a strip of five touch buttons. Color variation within the appearing lights confirm that the desired temperature has been achieved.  It manages to introduce touch-sensitive buttons without resembling the front of a microwave. Aside from these operational aspects, the fixtures are identical.  The inclination of the spout can be modified, angling to improve ergonomics and adapt to various sink dimensions, depths and positions.



Technology has been increasingly popular in the design of bathroom fixtures and accessories.  Zaha Hadid’s Triflow Tap introduces an extra internal tube allowing drinking water to be delivered through a separate waterway, avoiding contamination from the hot and cold tap water.  A discrete handle controls the hot and cold water (per usual) – but the drinking water is controlled via a touch-sensitive button, something we haven’t seen in bathroom fixtures until recently.  Digitecture by Grohe: The Ondus Collection takes this a step further.  The icon-based user-interface operates the bath, sink and shower, aiming to reduce the complexity of everyday life through preset personalized bathing functions.  Depending on how-high tech you’re looking to go, one of these options might be for you.

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