Wine and Dine Remotely: The Astrolab Dining Table by Roche Bobois

The French furniture distributing company, Roche Bobois, must have had a debacle with a dining table at some point in time. Not that it’s a bad idea to make a table contract and extend by itself, in fact, I think it’s rather intelligent. But only a debacle of involving slivers of wood or stubbed toes due to the prehistoric process of table leaves would bring about the future-driven design of the Astrolab dining table.

Astrolab dining table. Manufactured by Roche Bobois.

Add Table Length with a Remote Control: The Astrolab Dining Table by Roche Bobois.

So easy it’s hard to imagine, the Astrolab dining table is definitely to be taken advantage of. The design of the table itself is extraordinary – minus the crazy contraption set in the middle that shall be discussed shortly. Made with polished aluminum legs and a large glass plate top, the Astrolab dining table measures 78.75″ long with a 30″ height and 39.4″ depth. The legs beneath are wide and thin, angling in to draw more attention to its mechanism harbored beneath the surface.

Astrolab dining table. Manufactured by Roche Bobois.

Look straight through the glass of the Astrolab dining table of the Collection Les Contemporains by Roche Bobois and the mechanical cog system resembles the inner workings of a clock – full of grooved gears and all metal components. The 15.75″ table leaves can be added to the dining table with a battery-operated remote control.

Astrolab dining table. Manufactured by Roche Bobois.

Create the ultimate dinner party delight with a table that moves to accommodate your guests with the command of a fancy little remote control. While they watch the motorized cog do the heavy lifting to make sure space is provided, their appetite for modern furniture may be sated.

About the Manufacturer: Roche Bobois is a French design and distribution company that features high-end pieces – from sofas and beds to dining tables and chairs – that are brought into its 240 stores and into 40 different countries around the world. Beginning in 1950, their 60+ years in the furniture industry has evolved from merely a furniture distribution store that focused on Bauhaus and Scandinavian designs to a worldwide design house with a curated eye for great furnishings.

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