Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights

While it is easy to separate out our recycling bin, it is yet another challenge to design an exceptional space using recycled, sustainably-made, minimal materials, and/or local goods without it turning into a nightmare of research. Thanks to the countless designers who have busted through lemon after lemon of attempts until reaching the pinnacle of green lighting design – that both endures daily use and looks stunning – this Top Ten list of the best Eco-Friendly Pendant Lamps honors the invaluable effort that has brought our lighting so far, so fast.

Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

Greening the World One Planet-Hugging Pendant Lamp at a Time

Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

1. Casper Pendant
PRICE: Available by request
Dimensions: varies

The various sizes of Casper pendant lamps by Token, of New York, are hand-blown using partially recycled glass. In a rich, unfiltered golden hue, the color options can be varied to match specific projects upon inquiry as each lamp is hand-crafted from their Brooklyn-based studio.

Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

2. Pinwheel Bronze 3-Light
PRICE: $549
Dimensions: 9″W x 9″H

With a pendant design that was “inspired by recollections of childhood whimsical toys”, the Varaluz Pinwheel collection uses recycled aluminum in the shape of bronzed ribbons surrounding the three, 25-watt G9 halogen bulbs at the center.

Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

3. Boreal
DESIGNER: Tech Lighting
PRICE: $252
Dimensions: 11.5″H x 5.4″dia.

Made from a natural hemp fabric shade in ivory or khaki green – with a recycled paper backing – the recycled bronze metal structure of the Boreal pendant by Tech Lighting delicately hangs with pride for its locally-sourced materials. In addition to their sustainable production, the Boreal also ships in an environmentally-friendly, recycled package that includes a low, 50-watt halogen bi-pin lamp or 5.8 watt replaceable LED module.

Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

4. La Couronne
DESIGNER: Paula Arntzen
PRICE: $115
Dimensions: n/a

Made from thin, copper foil material, La Couronne is a lamp by Paula Arntzen for Artecnica that uses reflective vertical strips surrounding the two-tier lamp within. Using very little material to create the pendant lamp, Arntzen focuses on the light that dances outward onto the colorful dimensions that surround its illuminated center.
Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

5. Bell and Hat
PRICE: $545
Dimensions: 8″H x 9″W

The recycled pendant Bell and Hat lamp by the Wolf Art Glass company is a handmade, 100% recycled glass light fixture made from melted glass bottles. In its retro, hanging lamp design, the lamp maintains its energy efficiency with a soft white 13-watt CFL bulb that will glow for 12,000 hrs.
Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

6. Woods
DESIGNER: Héctor Serrano
MANUFACTURER: Arturo Alvarez
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: n/a

Created out of a vertical pieces of sustainable birch wood – grown in “responsibly managed forests” – the Woods pendant lamp makes a strong statement. Designed by Héctor Serrano for Arturo Alvarez, it’s brand new in the collection of lighting for this year and is adored for the way it suggests sunlight escaping through trees of a dense forest.

Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

7. LH14
DESIGNER: Work & Design
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 24″ diameter

Created by the Work & Design team, the LH14 pendant lamp of the Living in Harmony collection uses what looks like a randomly arranged assortment of black iron, rust steel and darkened brass strips in designing its orbiting layer. Created to match the extensive collection of Living in Harmony light fixtures of all shapes and sizes, the LH14 ranks as one of the largest with a 24″ diameter.

Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

8. Matador
PRICE: $1,099
Dimensions: 27-1/2″W x 4.5″H

In the only outdoor, eco-friendly light fixture to make the list, the Matador pendant light by Varaluz is handcrafted out of recycled steel. Within the ornate design of its steel decoration, the sleek glass bowl with a pearlescent finish protects the light source and hangs under up to six feet of chain.
Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

9. F2394 Bento Six-Light
PRICE: $658
Dimensions: 24″W x 13.75″H

Using environmentally friendly, plantation-grown Saguran and recycled Mahogany wood, the F2394 pendant light of the Bento collection by Troy stands out as a strong, rectangular pendant light. It features six, 60-watt candelabra bulbs within the serene look of its island-esque design that sets this distinctive shade apart from the chandelier and single pendant fixtures.

Top Ten: Eco-Friendly Pendant Lights.

10. Industrial Glass Black
PRICE: $379
Dimensions: 6″ dia. x 13″H

This small pendant, measuring in at just 6″ in diameter, is perfect by itself or used in a group setting. Made from wrought iron with a satin black finish, the Industrial Glass Black pendant lamp comes with a 6′ chain and is created using clear, recycled glass as a shade which gives the entire lamp a direct, industrial appearance.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Recycled Glass Pendant Lights!

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