Inwood’s Line of Durable, Versatile Science Tables

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my career as a freelance writer, it’s to never underestimate the value of a good table compartment. For these under-top niches not only provide the ultimate storage feature to prevent top-side clutter, they also house the one feature that’s indispensable for correct computer ergonomics, the sliding keyboard tray.  Inwood, however, has proposed another use for these crafty spaces. The manufacturer’s ultra-durable line of science tables offers twin compartments—the permanent residence for over-sized chemistry and physics textbooks.

Science Table. Manufactured by Inwood Office Invironments.

Inwood’s Science Tables Offer Compartmentalized Storage and Durable High Pressure Laminate

That last sentence might blanch the ears of high school students everywhere, as Inwood’s Science Tables banish the oft-used excuse of “I forgot my book”; however, it’s veritable music to the ears of short-sleeved, white-shirted teachers who desire an orderly ambiance in which to present their quadratic equations and Lewis Dot Structures.

Science Table. Manufactured by Inwood Invironments.

The storage perks aren’t the only feature that shines for the Inwood Line, that is to say, if anything can be said to shine during high school science class. The collection also offers extraordinary resilience and durability: high-pressure laminate tops provide water, acid, and chemical resistance; a 1” thick medium density fiberboard core deeds superior strength; legs and aprons in solid hardwood oak will more than withstand the rigors of incoming freshman and outgoing seniors.

Science Table. Manufactured by Inwood Invironments.

Other options for Inwood’s Science Tables include optional metal legs, adjustable leg glides for height adjustment up to ¾”, and black plastic boots for no-scuff gliding. All fasteners incorporate welded steel plates and heavy duty screws.

About the Manufacturer: Inwood Office Invironments has been “preserving the legacy of handcrafted construction, American quality, and unsurpassed value” for more than 60 years.” If the Jasper, Indiana-based company’s line of furniture and casegoods for office and education is a testament to such longevity, they’re likely to be around for at least sixty years more. The company favors classic silhouettes and time-honored materials. Durable hardwoods and formidable welded steel are hallmarks of Inwood’s work.

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