What’s Next for Lecture Halls: Sequence Seating by KI

Last year I attended a lecture that should have been interesting. The subject was the intersection of poetry and math–but I could hardly listen to a word, given the uncomfortable seating in the 1970s-era lecture hall. The rigid plastic u-shaped chairs dug into the small of my back, making me highly aware of my thoracic spine. Education and contract furniture manufacturer KI knows the importance of a well-designed lecture hall, calling it a “reflection of a facility’s image and a key component in attracting and retaining students.” Their line of fixed seating answers the call for comfort.

Sequence Seating. Manufactured by KI.

Fixed Seating with Generous Proportions

Sequence Seating. Manufactured by KI.

Sequence Seating is KI’s ergonomic solution for “updated lecture spaces.” Intended to “enhance the learning experience and foster student success,” Sequence Seating marries a comfortable seat with innovative technology access. Sequence is available with five seating styles, each of which is designed with ergonomic considerations. From upholstered task style seating to mesh-backed flex seating, the chairs offered in the Sequence system should alleviate back pain (instead of cause or intensify it)! Sequence can be fitted with any one of four different tablet arms as well–although any of the options will work for students, since Sequence has generous seat spacing that “enhances personal space and privacy.”

Sequence Seating. Manufactured by KI.

Schools and colleges will love the flexibility of Sequence Seating. It can be arranged in straight or curved applications with a variety of base styles on a flat or sloped floor. The fixed seating comes with power and data access and satisfies ADA requirements. Institutions will also be pleased that Sequence Seating is easy to clean (thank you, KI–not everyone considers this vital element). If you need help deciding what configuration works best for your lecture hall, KI will help with specialized planning services and “recommendations for seating styles, fabrics, finishes, options and more.”

About the Manufacturer: KI produces innovative furniture and movable wall systems for education, healthcare, government, and corporate markets. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, KI also has subsidiaries around the world, including KI UK Ltd., KI East Asia Sdn., and KI Canada. KI “offers far more than furniture,” because they study their core markets and tailor their products to their specific needs. Innovative, fun, and environmentally friendly designs for education lounge areas and residence halls include Sela, available in a wide range of unexpected colors.

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