The Small Space Design of Lucy’s Kitchen by SplinterWorks

“Our aim is to create sculptural installations that are individual, thought-provoking, aesthetically beguiling, intelligently designed, and seamlessly functional which have wit and resonance,” writes Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington, the founders of the UK-based SplinterWorks known for their creative kitchen designs.

Lucy’s Kitchen. Designed by SplinterWorks.

Efficient Kitchen Design with a Modern Edge

Although the designers create many of their pieces in limited editions, they also create custom-made kitchen designs that fit into spaces of every size. In fact, their Lucy’s Kitchen design was created for a small kitchen space, utilizing every square inch that was available to them. Beside just providing outlying storage and surface area, the innovative use of a modern kitchen island that tapers and flows from tabletop to the ground.

Lucy's Kitchen. Designed by SplinterWorks.

Throughout Lucy’s Kitchen design, the SplinterWorks duo finished the design combining American black walnut, California walnut burl and Teak woods along with stainless steel, quartz stone, silver leaf, and an accent of teal paint. Similar to the futuristic feel of their Dime Kitchen, Lucy’s Kitchen was created for efficiency with a “purposeful layout that is effortless and intuitive”.

Lucy's Kitchen. Designed by SplinterWorks.

Find the best way to craft a beautiful kitchen in a small space with a design like Lucy’s Kitchen by SplinterWorks that finds its flow between curvaceous edges and a variety of woods, steel and stone finishes.

About the Designer: SplinterWorks is a design studio located thirty minutes south of London. Created in 2009 as a collaboration between Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington, SplinterWorks produces mostly commissioned pieces. The goal is to “create functional sculpture that unites conceptual, visual, and practical fundamentals to create engaging and inspiring pieces.” All of the firm’s pieces are handmade and desire to make life a bit easier with efficiency in a curved, modern look.

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