Fold into Modularity: The Clip-Clap Tables by Segis

My grandma was notorious for her plain brown folding table that popped up out of nowhere and into her living room everytime the grandkids came over. Card games, Scrabble, Skip-bo, and Rummikub were always fan favorites while the card table itself – with its convenient legs, we could all agree – was a sorry sight. These days, companies like Segis have spent the time developing the Clip-Clap table that folds just as easily but carries a modern aesthetic.

Clip-Clap table. Designed by Sergio Giobbi. Manufactured by Segis.

The Modular Clip-Clap Table by Segis uses Strong Folding Legs and a Joining System

A complete joining table system with folding legs, the Clip-Clap table by Segis can be situated in any size classroom or conference area to fit as though it were custom-created for the particular space. With nine different options for tops that range from squares and rectangles to arcs, half circles and large circular shapes, the modular Clip-Clap table comes complete with various extensions that keep its length changing without a hitch.

Clip-Clap table. Designed by Sergio Giobbi. Manufactured by Segis.

Segis is a trusted Italian furniture manufacturer that has worked on numerous modern designs to meet the high standards of the contract market. The Clip-Clap table’s folding legs are made from a high grade steel and measure 70 mm in diameter, while its adjustable feet are made from polypropylene and come with height control function at the top of the leg. Finish Clip-Clap’s modern legs with either a chrome-plated or aluminum powder-coated finish alongside the assembly plate and folding mechanism that comes in a powder-coated die-cast aluminum alloy with an automatic safety lock for stability.

Clip-Clap table. Designed by Sergio Giobbi. Manufactured by Segis.

Beautiful straight lines with curved edges link together with ease in the Clip-Clap table’s joining system of tables. By taking advantage of strong folding legs and a sophisticated look, Segis accomplishes the ultimate in flexible furnishings for the education market.

About the Manufacturer: Segis USA started with a factory in Tennessee based on their 70 years of experience as an Italian furniture manufacturer specializing in the contract market. Offering a wide range of furniture—from lounge seating to stackable chairs to occasional tables, Segis USA plugs a modern look and innovative features into each and every contract design. In fact, they’re known for large projects where their seating has been used in airports, lounges, and museums, as well as expanding their line into tables and chairs used in the education.

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