Live at D’Apostrophe: Royal Botania Launches Stateside

Carefree relaxation seems to be a rare commodity in the United States. Hopefully Royal Botania‘s arrival to the US market will begin to change that, or more realistically, make it more enjoyable when we do indulge. The Belgian manufacturer designs and produces aesthetically refined outdoor furniture that addresses human needs, comfort and usability.

E-Z. Manufactured by Royal Botania.

Yesterday, our gracious Belgian host, Thierry Herbert at D'Apostrophe in Manhattan (and the Novita team), gave us a preview of Royal Botania's Collections. Needless to say, we were sufficiently impressed. The founders of Royal Botania, Kris Van Puyvelde and Frank Boschman, both equipped with their engineering degrees, are paying special attention to ergonomics as well as technical refinement in materiality and functionality. "Top quality materials coupled with advanced technology such as electro polishing for steel and powder coating for aluminum components ensure durability in any environment." The company’s selection of synthetic are "UV and mold resistant, waterproof, and cool to the touch" while maintaining a natural feel.

Live at D’Apostrophe: Royal Botania Launches Stateside

Live at D’Apostrophe: Royal Botania Launches Stateside

NNX Table. Manufactured by Royal Botania.

If you happen to be a loyal reader, you have already been exposed to Royal Botania’s Kokoon, “designed as a personal getaway in the form of a stationary hammock,” with enough room for four people.  The E-Z, made for one, is a personal favorite of mine: an absolute fusion of the hammock and rocker. It is more compact and elegant than your traditional hammock while also enabling the user to rock. You may look at with a bit of skepticism, wondering how to get into it without first landing on the floor. Having tested it myself, I assure you it is much sturdier and balanced than it may appear. Sit down in the middle and swing your legs onto the surface. Fun, soothing and unbelievably comfortable; lie down and take a nap, rock or even bounce a bit.  Whether you’re enjoying it poolside or in a less luxurious location, your dream-like state will ensure you’re partaking in carefree relaxation.

"Instead of bulky table extensions that take up storage space and are easily misplaced, the extension leaf of the NNX table sits neatly hidden underneath the middle of the tabletop when not in use and has a flipping mechanism for instant added seating capacity." The two pieces of the tabletop slide outward to either side, making room for the center leaf. Innovation in extension tables is a recurring theme at 3Rings, previously evident in FurnID's Propeller Table. The functionality of the NNX is representative of Royal Botania’s technical refinement and detailing. With its tabletop available in teak, black, white or cappucino-colored glass, the NNX can be tailored to modern or more traditional settings, as is common the entirety of Royal Botania’s collection, according to Thierry at D’Apostrophe.

Also notable is the Sunday Collection, a deep seating collection which includes a modular sectional sofa, and the O-zon Collection, including a three-legged round table (available in three sizes) with the option of a built-in lazy susan at center (Thierry’s personal favorite).  Royal Botania’s pieces are exceptional quality and finely detailed.  From teak to electro polished steel and black, distinctly modern pieces to adaptations of traditional, there is something in the collection for everyone.

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