Children’s Contract Seating Earns an “A”: Series C Primaries Chairs by Thonet

I was somewhat of a nerd in grade school, and I suffered from self-imposed academic perfectionism. I did not earn a “C” until I reached college, when I was almost bored to death by an unbelievably dull psychology professor. So it’s somewhat ironic that a contract children’s chair by Thonet is named after the middling letter. The Series C Primaries Chairs definitely deserve a higher grade.

Series C Primaries Chairs. Designed by Dorsey Cox. Manufactured by Thonet.

Educational Seating for Children Highlights Triangle Shape

Series C Primaries Chairs. Designed by Dorsey Cox. Manufactured by Thonet.

Constructed of maple molded plywood, Series C features a back in the shape of a triangle. The back comes with a horizontal slot—great for handling the seat or slipping notes to classmates. For child safety, all the chair’s edges are “shaped to a soft radius.” The Series C Primaries Chairs are available in a variety of sizes, so kids of all ages can enjoy the elemental form and smooth seat. And thanks to the plywood construction, Series C will hold up to the wear and tear inflicted by school children.

Series C Primaries Chairs. Designed by Dorsey Cox. Manufactured by Thonet.

Series C Primaries Chairs offer two seat options: exposed veneer or foam padded upholstery. The veneer seat is a great option for clean, minimal design. The upholstered chairs are perfect for playful spaces, especially since the circular cushion again emphasizes the importance of shapes—something all children must learn if they are to avoid being square. Thonet has so many fabrics to choose from; it’s like picking an ice cream at a giant parlor. From Lemon, Caramel, and Truffle to Mulberry, Merlot and Mint, the upholstery options sound as delicious as they look.

About the Manufacturer: Thonet began long ago in 1830 when Michael Thonet created what was to become known as “bentwood” furniture. After producing bentwood pieces on an industrial scale, the company eventually sold in 1987, becoming Thonet Industries U.S.A., a part of the CF Group. Thonet makes its furniture in the United States, “hand built by skilled craftsmen.” The company purchases only FSC-certified hardwoods for their tables and wood chairs; they supply bio foam upon request, as well as recycled materials.

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