NeoCon 2011 Preview: Learn2™ Mobile Seating by KI

At this year’s NeoCon, KI presents three new products, including the Learn2™ mobile classroom. According to Shawn Green, VP of Design & Product Marketing, the system “is a highly flexible, very mobile classroom seating solution that has a very adaptive, universal tablet arm in conjunction with a mobile architecture with a seat design that’s able to articulate.” Designed with college and university students in mind, Learn2™ really moves.

Learn2 Mobile Seating. Designed and Manufactured by KI.

Adjustable, Flexible Seating for College Classrooms

The entire unit moves around on its slick casters, and the tablet desk moves around too, enabling different configurations for different classrooms and different students. One professor may choose to arrange class in a circle to encourage discussion, while the next may rely on traditional rows to facilitate lecture. Students who want to take notes can use the tablet arm; those who want to cross their legs instead can move the tablet out of the way. When classes shift—for example, from creative writing to philosophy—professors and students can rearrange the Learn2™ system quickly and easily.

Learn2 Mobile Seating. Designed by KI.

This new and exciting product from KI “creates a harmonious blend of architecture and furniture.” Other furniture to be presented at NeoCon 2011 includes Torsion Air™, Soltíce® 7, the KI Design Collection™, and more. To see Learn2™, visit the showroom at space 1181. If you get there, make sure to try KI’s wonderfully comfortable Sela chairs–I still remember them fondly.

Learn2 Mobile Seating. Designed by KI.

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About the Manufacturer: KI produces innovative furniture and movable wall systems for education, healthcare, government, and corporate markets. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, KI also has subsidiaries around the world, including KI UK Ltd., KI East Asia Sdn., and KI Canada. KI “offers far more than furniture,” because they study their core markets and tailor their products to their specific needs.

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