Bulbous & Biotic: Casper Pendant by Token

New York-based studio Token believes in developing lighting that uses recycled materials and energy-efficient technologies. To this end, their Casper Pendant incorporates recycled colored glass. Shaped organically by the hand-blown process, these lamps turn out in various amorphous, natural shapes—from the bulbous sphere to the elongated oval. Designed, developed, and manufactured in Brooklyn, Casper Pendant comes in various dimensions and colors.

Casper Pendant. Manufactured by Token.

Glass Pendant Incorporates Recycled Colored Glass

Token designs in a synergistic fashion, paying attention to the parts as well as the whole: “Observation and a careful consideration of function, structural ingenuity, material dynamics and aesthetic coherence are all important characteristics of our practice.” This fusion of form and function, beauty and building reveals itself in Casper, a suspension lamp that incorporates recycled glass in a contemporary design—nothing stylistic is sacrificed by using the salvaged materials. The resulting cloudiness of the glass lends the light an ethereal quality—as haunted as Casper the Ghost.

Casper Pendant. Manufactured by Token.

Place the Casper Pendant in a trio above a favorite reading spot; it will illuminate your reading and spark your creativity. The hanging lamps almost seem like thought bubbles rising from the mind. Or put Casper in the bathroom, perhaps above a soaking tub, where the milky orbs resemble soap bubbles.

About the Manufacturer: Token is a Brooklyn-based studio “that provides design, development and manufacturing solutions for architects, designers and curious individuals.”  Founded in 2007 by Will Kavesh and Emrys Berkower, who met as students at Alfred University, Token offers a collection of furniture and lighting. Their lighting “explores ways to limit energy consumption, while maintaining an aesthetic integrity of form.” One of the goals of Token lighting is to integrate CFL and LED into their designs.

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