Woodsy Desk by Woodsy Furniture

Woodsy Desk by Woodsy Furniture

Just funded via Kickstarter, the customizable Woodsy Desk is a solid wood desk made in the U.S. from domestic Maple, Cherry, or Walnut.

Woodsy Desk Keyboard

Woodsy Desk uses a system of slots to attach legs, extensions, panels, keyboard trays, desk drawers, and all manner of convenient features.

Woodsy Desk

Founded as an alternative to fast furniture, Woodsy Furniture has simple but far-reaching design goals: to create long-lasting, locally made furniture that is biodegradable, repairable, and affordable.

Woodsy Desk Corner

With unique legs that mimic tree branches, Woodsy Desk is aesthetically pleasing and easy to build. Visit Woodsy Furniture for more information or Kickstarter to order your own Woodsy Desk.

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