Urbanize Your Home: The Alternate Tread Stair by nC2 Architecture

If a stairclimber were to create a line that traces the way the movements might look – like the white contrail of freezing droplets behind an airplane – the result would be something similar to the Alternate Tread Stair by nC2 Architecture.

Alternate Tread Stair. Designed by nC2 Architecture.

The Single Step, Wooden Construction of the Alternate Tread Stair by nC2 Architecture.

Bold lines cut at different depths up the Alternate Tread Stair, custom designed for the firm’s M Loft beds. Fitting like an angular puzzle piece into the modern interior of an apartment within a converted industrial building, the firm describes the stair as the “perfect union of functionality, structure and form”. By creating each tread of the stairway at different depths, the climbing allows one foot to be placed on each side, simulating the action of climbing.

Alternate Tread Stair. Designed by nC2 Architecture.

The architects further describe the stair as a unique piece of furniture, saying “with regard to functionality, the stair is comfortable, safe to climb, and spatially efficient; the open sides of the stair provide ample and well-placed grip locations.” However, the team at Lapayre Stair, says alternate tread stairs cannot be sold for residential projects due to the caution involved of singular verses double feet placement on each plank like a conventional stair or ladder suggests. nC2 Architecture might agree, but says “with regard to structure, the triangular geometry of the tread, riser and stringer allows for the tread and riser to be securely and elegantly fastened to a single, central, very minimal stringer,” thus suggesting it’s strength and ability to perform as well if not better than a larger, less spatially-efficient, loft staircase.

Alternate Tread Stair. Designed by nC2 Architecture.

Beautiful lines and ergonomic construction make the Alternate Tread Stair by nC2 Architecture an excellent choice for those looking to embrace the design of a staircase for small loft spaces and homes looking to spin an urban look into their home.

About the Designer: nC2 Architecture is a  firm based in New York City, NY that builds in and outside of the city with their team of licensed architects that come from backgrounds of international expertise. Although primarily focused on the architecture of their practice, the firm ventures into custom projects that include the Alternate Tread Stair and everything from the initial planning and programming through the construction of a building’s design.

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