Venture out with a VL051 by Gaggenau

In 2009, I lived in a concrete and stone villa located in a rural area outside of Lucca, Italy. With close to 30 separate rooms sectioned off with foot-thick walls, form evidently took precedence over function back in the 16th century. The bedrooms and living spaces were upstairs, and the spacious open kitchen was in the basement. Traversing forward into 21st century living quarters, modern lofts and open floor plans allow air and sunlight to flow freely throughout the house. But in the kitchen, no walls means ventilation over your stove becomes a key concern for maintaining air quality in the house.

VL051. Designed by Gaggenau.


, the high quality kitchen appliance brand from Germany, has a VL051 Telescopic Swivel Ventilator that provides a present-day solution to the age-old ventilation problem that does not relegate you to a basement kitchen. It automatically positions the sleek VL051 range hood from 2 1/4 inches above the cooking surface (for grilling) to 15 3/4 inches above the cooking surface (for saucepans). However, to meet any height preference, there is a control knob that allows for total control.

Venture out with a VL051 by Gaggenau

Venture out with a VL051 by Gaggenau

The VL051 can rotate 90 degrees, and after its done, the arm centers itself and retracts into the cooktop automatically. Tech-savvy cooks can appreciate two sensors that detect if there is anything in the way while it descends into the stove and when its grease trap needs cleaning.

Honored with a prestigious 2002 Good Design Award at the Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design, the VL051 can provide cozy Tudors with the modern kitchen technology of new homes and offer city lofts the functional element of air ventilation while bringing in a cutting edge, sleek aesthetic from the Gaggenau brand you trust.

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