The Photochrome Suspension Lamp by Jean Couvreur

Like the transparent quality of tissue paper, the bright colors of draping glass hang over the Photochome Suspension Lamp by Jean Couvreur in a way that makes us design aficionados absolutely giddy. Unlike other lamps on the market, Couvreur’s transformation of a headache-inducing fluorescent is a welcomed approach to suspension light fashion.

Photochrome Suspension Lamp. Designed by Jean Couvreur.

Draped Glass on a Tubular Fluorescent: The Photochrome Suspension Lamp by Jean Couvreur.

Like a saturated piece of thick fabric hanging on a clothing line, the draped look of colored glass that has been heated and laid over the tubular light creates a heavy effect by suggesting weight. But thanks to the transparency of the glass, it maintains a sheer and feather light  result. Match the colored glass in three to five different colored glass pieces of varying lengths and widths to your interior project as an energy efficient, phenomenal piece of lamp fashion.

Photochrome Suspension Lamp. Designed by Jean Couvreur.

The inspiration for the project came to Jean Couvreur likely when he got fed up with the too-bright look of the fluorescent, or neon, bulb. Those who pay attention to the way a room looks and feels would concur that the dread of being in a neon lit room is almost too much to bear. Thanks to this Photochrome Suspension lamp however, and it’s sister design – the Photochrome Table Lamp – that Couvreur also came up with, efficient lighting no longer has us reeling in visual agony.

Photochrome Suspension Lamp. Designed by Jean Couvreur.

Bring together your space with the colorful Photochrome Suspension Lamp that infuses cool and warm saturated hues with the brand new swagger of heated glass on fluorescent tubing.

Via decoist.

About the Designer: Jean Couvreur came up with the Photochrome Suspension Lamp after he noticed the possibilities found within the common fluorescent lamps found around the world. Based in Paris, France, Couvreur is a seasoned expert at making artistic lighting pieces and other works that touch on both industrial design and interiors with a resume that goes back to his studies at the Institut St Geneviève in Paris, France. Since then, his ten years of development have brought him all over France for exhibitions.

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