The Beira Lamp by CreativeAffairs

Like a science experiment, the perfect shade of blue was hypothesized by the four Barcelona-based designers of CreativeAffairs when creating their Beira hanging lamp. Not in attempt to mimick the release of a new PANTONE shade (like the Tangerine Tango that was released for 2012) but better yet, to create a lamp made from anodized aluminum that plays with light within a glass vessel.

Beira lamp. Designed by CreativeAffairs.

When describing the Beira lamp, CreativeAffairs says it was “created to symbolize a receptacle in which both light and darkness are mixed”. If you take a close look at the shaded portion of the lamp, the color determines whether the light seems to be diffused or directed. Darker colors are contrasted a great deal to the light pouring out of its center while light colors appear more subtle and blended from the silver to the glass to its frosted edge.

Beira lamp. Designed by CreativeAffairs.

“The whole lamp is made of very simple and geometrical shapes to allow the elements to fully communicate its identity,” CreativeAffairs recounts of the Beira’s conceptual beginnings. Further explaining, they add that the vessel is shaped like a chemistry flask and is made of clear glass. The colored shade within – that matches its dark electrical cord – can be anodized in your choice of color to custom coordinate with any interior setting. Perhaps even pairing the coloring to another CreativeAffairs design, like the blue Beira with the blue Desmos stool.

Beira lamp. Designed by CreativeAffairs.

Thanks to simple geometric shapes that inspire us to think in frosted edges, the CreativeAffairs team came up with the classic and sophisticated Beira lamp that can be hung solo or in multiples at different lengths to complete your customized design running throughout an entire space.

About the Designer: CreativeAffairs is a design team of four Spanish designers that was founded in Barcelona, Spain in February 2010. Their intent is to add unique contributions to the world of creative design through their many different backgrounds in design. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, the team of graphic artists, product and furniture designers and experts in interiors and exhibition design collaborate on everything from lamps – like the Beira Lamp – to  with a shared intention to make a unique contribution to the creative world from a common activity in which various disciplines are merged. It offers a variety of services in Graphics, Products and Furniture, Interiors and Exhibition Design.

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