Silver Bullet in the Kitchen: Polaris Lumina Deluxe Hood by Silverline

Since I’ve been in the market for an effective and stylish kitchen vent hood, I know a little more than I’d like to know about the pros and cons of the product. The bottom line is that no matter how attractive, a hood should be powerful—otherwise, you won’t get rid of the smell of fried catfish (and who wants to live with that?). Exciting features like remote controls and integrated lighting don’t mean much without power. Luckily, the Polaris Lumina Deluxe Hood by Silverline offers both high style and lots of power.

Polaris Lumina Deluxe Hood. Manufactured by Silverline.

Slick Cylindrical Kitchen Wall Hood

The first thing you’ll notice about Polaris is its shape. A gleaming silver cylinder, Polaris takes its name from the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation. The stainless steel rod measures 40 cm wide (about 16 inches)—and I use the word rod purposefully, since the phallic nature of the design cannot be denied. But behind the beauty lies a four-speed blower with 800 cfm performance. What does this number mean exactly? It refers to the amount of air the fan can move, which gets measured in cubic feet per minute. For an average range, you want 120 cfm, so the power behind Polaris is evidenced by its number.

Polaris Lumina Deluxe Hood. Manufactured by Silverline.

The next feature you definitely want in a ventilation hood is quiet. Research shows that people are less likely to use their kitchen extraction fans if they are loud. But Silverline recognizes this and has made Polaris whisper quiet. You also want a hood with an effective filter that’s easy to clean. Polaris comes with a 15-minute automatic, follow-up extraction to ensure your kitchen keeps clean. Better yet, its metal grease filter is dishwasher-proof.

Now for the bells and whistles. Polaris by Silverline has 5-level LED electronic controls, a remote control, a cleaning indicator for the filter, and an integrated lighting system. Those features are worthwhile indeed since Polaris has an effective exhaust system in a dynamic design.

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About the Manufacturer: Silverline manufactures high quality hoods. The cornerstone of the company’s philosophy is innovation: Silverline vent hoods offer “a high degree of differentiation” in terms of style. Silverline products marry sophisticated design and technological innovation that includes simple, intuitive operation.

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