Vine Dance with the Parabienta by Shimizu

Earlier this summer I spent a little time in Bensheim, Germany where I saw more vertical greens than I’d ever seen in my life. This was not an ultra modern city full of urban gardens or rooftop terraces topped with recycled shipping containers, it was actually just a beautiful little green city about an hour outside of the Frankfurt hustle. At the time, I wondered how one might start the vertical greening to benefit their own home over here in younger communities?

Parabienta. Designed by Shimizu.

The Tokyo-based Shimizu Corporation answers the call with their Parabienta that is designed to achieve a lush green wall on any vertical surface. Using an Excelsoil solidified soil base inside stainless steel wire frames, the natural foliage takes on an almost Bensheim-effect and reduces solar heat gain thus reducing your energy costs.

While researching the Parabienta, I read a few of the comments written about the product that seem useful to potential vine facade candidates. The one that stuck out addressed their dedication to developing a green space only to struggle daily with insect noises, beehives, and vines creeping into every crevice. It is important to treat your building – especially if it is on the older side – before applying the Parabienta, or any other greening system.

Vine Dance with the Parabienta by Shimizu

Vine Dance with the Parabienta by Shimizu

But once treated, Shimizu’s easily-installed frames can be designed to manipulate the leaves into images or patterns, not to mention their ability to actually reduce the noise transferring from the action outside. If opting for a designed look, a carefully-chosen selection of plants vary the appearance in color, texture, shape, and naturally, they grow and spread at different rates.

Before you uproot yourself into a nice cottage in the Black Forest for the thick leaves outside your window, treat your exteriors and add a lush Parabienta to your perimeters.

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