Modern Mobile Laptop Carts by Bretford

In the age of high tech, laptop-friendly classrooms, fast and functional support from contract manufacturers through education technology design is much appreciated. This opinion comes from a firsthand source too. As the resident K-12 Art teacher this month at the American International School in Bamako, Mali I’ve seen and contributed to the growing trend of classroom laptop research. Thanks to the Laptop/Netbook Carts by Bretford, the computer lab is brought right into the classroom.

30-unit Laptop/Netbook Cart. Manufactured by Bretford.

Laptop Carts of Up to 30 Units Keep Energy Consumption Low While Providing a Safe and Mobile Space for Classroom Technology.

As Bretford states of their mobile laptop carts, they “can be easily moved between rooms and shared among classes, and when not in use, the units lock to protect your valuable computer equipment.” Not only do plenty of advantages stem from their mobile use, they also specialize in sizing. Opt for a 15-unit charging station if classes are on the smaller side, and work your way up to the 18-unit, 20-unit, 24-unit and even 30-unit laptop carts if class sizes are larger. Using one single plug and a neutral design that can match virtually any classroom’s backdrop, these modern laptop carts are leading the charge in the contract market’s field of tech support in education.

30-unit Laptop/Netbook Cart. Manufactured by Bretford.

24-unit Laptop/Netbook Cart. Manufactured by Bretford.

While each cart is certified to conform with UL 60950 standards for Safety of Informational Technology, they feature removable dividers to satisfy the intuitive design side of their construction as well. Vertically storing up to 30 laptops, each cart’s small footprint also contains surge and overload-protected electrical units. Atop 5″ casters (with two being locking casters) that help in durable movement, go for a more extravagant version, like the Intelligent Laptop Carts that use microchip technology to decrease heat and distribut charge evenly in order to extend battery life or those with an antimicrobial finish.

30-unit Laptop/Netbook Cart. Manufactured by Bretford.

15-unit Laptop/Netbook Cart. Manufactured by Bretford.

With a sleek, lacquered finish, the 15-unit to 30-unit Laptop Carts by Bretford are an efficient way to house the laptops and netbooks that aid your classes in research and diligent working no matter what your age.

About the Manufacturer: Based in Franklin Park, IL, manufacturer Bretford focuses on providing the best tools for the education market by following their motto, “learning happens everywhere”. Their line-up of education products include shelving, seating, tables, carrels, credenzas, lecterns, and easels. Each product or furnishing helps to revolutionize the way students learn as well as the way teachers power the classroom’s computer resources with Laptop/Netbook Carts that are well designed and spatially-efficient.

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