An Apple a Day: Apple Learning Labs

Computer giant Apple wants to help students get engaged with their education through the use of technology, and they are making it easy for schools to encourage multi-media instruction by offering a trio of portable classrooms. Apple MacBook, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod Learning Labs package together everything teachers need in one convenient rolling cart.

Apple MacBook Learning Lab. Manufactured by Apple.

Classroom in a Cart

Apple MacBook Learning Lab. Manufactured by Apple.
The Apple MacBook Learning Lab comes in two configurations: equipped with 10 MacBook computers in a cart that holds and charges up to 20 computers; or 20 MacBook computers in a cart that accommodates up to 32 computers. If your institution needs a different configuration, Apple will help you design a customized mobile lab. Everything fits neatly into a sturdy, secure, moveable cart; and the Learning Labs include AirPort wireless networking.

Apple MacBook Learning Lab. Manufactured by Apple.

For a smaller option, the Apple iPad Learning Lab offers a great solution. Equipped with 10 iPads, the cart stores, charges, and syncs up to 30 iPad devices. Since it’s more compact, this Learning Lab works well for schools that need their technology carts to move from classroom to classroom. The cart is lockable (smart thinking by Apple). For an irresistible alternative, Apple has also designed an iPod Learning Lab, housed in a small cart that’s as cute as R2-D2. This lab comes standard with 20 iPod touch devices, although you can customize this cart as well.

About the Manufacturer: Apple, Inc. began in 1976 as Apple Computer, Inc. (the name change came recently in 2007 due to their expansion into other media products). An American company that offers popular consumer electronics, Apple produces the Macintosh line of computers, as well as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They have been instrumental in developing new technology and software; Apple is also known for its innovative marketing and advertising campaigns.

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