Lucky Light: Clover by Bysteel

A clover, also known as a trefoil, is a plant of the pea family that many people associate with luck, especially if it has four leaves instead of the standard three. The lovely little plant is also delicious to cows, which explains the interesting idiom “to be in clover,” meaning to enjoy a carefree or easy life. The spirit of this flowering flora translates beautifully in the Clover lamp by Bysteel—a geometric ball for indoor and outdoor use.

Clover. Designed by Miriam Mirri. Manufactured by Bysteel.

Colorful, Glowing Sphere Lamp for Indoors and Out

Clover. Designed by Miriam Mirri. Manufactured by Bysteel.

Designed by Miriam Mirri, who is the mind behind playful products like heart-shaped spoons and den-shaped dog bowls, Clover is available as a floor, table, and suspension light. Constructed of matte white lacquered aluminum and colored Plexiglas, the spheroid lamp uses a compact fluorescent light source. Light spills from an eight-sided cutout and from the many diamond forms that make up the globe. All illumination emanates from the octagon and sides of Clover like brilliant pinprick stars.

Clover. Designed by Miriam Mirri. Manufactured by Bysteel.

I like Clover as a suspension lamp, because it reminds me of revolving planets and alien spaceships. The colorful effect of Clover also recalls the glittering luminescence of 70s disco balls. As a floor lamp, Clover casts a different spell—a pod full of Kryptonite or a giant faceted gem. In any form, Clover by Miriam Mirri shines a beguiling spotlight on any space.

About the Manufacturer: Bysteel manufactures indoor and outdoor lighting, flower boxes, tables, seating, wall panels, and crochet, a line of furniture and accessories with intricate cutout patterns. From origami-inspired floor lamps like Crane to animal-influenced planters like Yak, Bysteel offerings combine simple shapes and playful themes.

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