A Cubed Vision: The Twisted by Dylan Gold

Take the rigidity out of perfect angles and symmetrical modern designs and all of a sudden, a piece of solid wood furniture becomes an interesting work of carpentry-driven artwork. Created by the San Francisco carpentry-turned-design team of designer Dylan Gold, the Twisted allows us to think outside of the boxes, and into the space that lies between.

Twisted Console. Designed by Dylan Gold.

Find the Right Twist with an Imperfect Cube Shelving or Console Table Design by Dylan Gold.

Whether it’s a featured in your hallway as console table, mounted on your wall as a cabinet or bookshelf, or flipped onto its vertical side for a tall shelving unit, the Dylan Gold design of Twisted keeps us guessing. Not only do we wonder what function will work best in our spaces, but we also have to wonder about the elephant in the room, also seen as the twisted cube of the bunch. How does it stay securely? Why is it turned to the side? With four in-line boxes surrounding it, the twisted cube gives the entire object its title, but still has us guessing.

Twisted Console. Designed by Dylan Gold.

To answer our questions, Dylan Gold might say it is twisted to act as the focal point of the unit. It keeps us interested in its design, too, set off by the straight edges that parallel our floor and walls. Simply put, they say that “the box in question is offset on 3 different axes and perfectly intersects the adjacent cubes” in order to remain stationary no matter what ends up inside it’ cozy wooden walls. Pick your non-toxic finish – between Amber and Natural wood stains – and do the world a bit of justice with it being made from sustainably-sourced bamboo.

Twisted Console. Designed by Dylan Gold.

Find the charm of an imperfect design with the beauty of Twisted’s five cubes by Dylan Gold and use it vertically or horizontally as a table, open cabinet unit or bookshelf.

About the Designer: Dylan Gold is a workshop and custom design studio based in San Francisco, CA. Since he makes all of his works in house, the craftsmanship and artistic side of Gold’s work is apparent in each and every table and shelving unit that he focuses his time and energy on. As he would say, “the approach combines the best of art (pure aesthetics and originality), furniture design (comfort and high craft), and industrial design (prototyping and technical innovation). Every piece is an opportunity to push the boundaries of furniture design while maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability.”

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