Veil and Unveil with the 7 Skirts Shelf by Piurra

Everyone who knows me knows I love a good bookshelf. I also have a special place in my heart for double-sided furniture, since it opens up so many possibilities (maybe it’s the Libra in me). Put the two together and I’m in love. Portuguese furniture company Piurra Furnituring (their term) has designed a wonderful piece of furniture named 7 Skirts Shelf, which is inspired by “the seven skirts of the fisherwomen, said to represent the seven days of the week, the seven colours of the rainbow, and the seven waves in a set and many other biblical, mythical and magical attributions which involve the number seven.”

7 Skirts Bookshelf. Designed by Piurra.

A plywood bookshelf covered on all sides by a pleated skirt, the 7 Skirts Shelf can double as a room divider. Open it a little to reveal just a hint of what’s inside, or open it a lot to demonstrate the shelf’s entire contents. What you do with the skirt says quite a bit about you. Those who appreciate mystery will leave certain parts cloaked, while those who want it all laid out in the open will undoutedly throw open the skirts. The bookshelf measures W180 x H60 x D40 cm, providing a good amount of shelf space for books.

Veil and Unveil with the 7 Skirts Shelf by Piurra

I like the exotic flavor of the 7 Skirts Shelf, particularly the grass skirt vibe that harkens back to those 1950s Elvis movies. The only thing missing is a ukelele–an unusual and creative object that may just be right up Piurra’s alley. The company claims to be “a sort of spinning top, a toy that swirls in several directions.” They want to be a “starting point of something we deliberately want undefined.” Like a top, the designers spin in all directions, as does their 7 Skirts Shelf.

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