The Knitted Effect: Miss Wool Lampshades by Doimo Decor

“All about the knitted effect” was a phrase I stole from the description of the Doimo Decor‘s Winter lampshade that seemed to fit it perfectly. Certainly appreciated by the fireplace crowd that has begun to hunker down, the Miss Wool lampshade is the perfect holiday sweater wrapped snugly around a lampshade to create a fun – and yes, stylishly knitted – effect.

Miss Wool lampshade. Manufactured by Doimo Decor.

Wrap the Miss Wool Lampshade by Doimo Decor Snugly Around Your Table or Floor Light.

The Miss Wool lampshade is covered in a tubular knitted wool that is easily taken off for washing. To take it a step further, the Miss Wool “little lamp sweater” has a little bow on it to add just the right femininity for the neutral shade to be considered a go-to option for the holiday season and years to come.

Miss Wool lampshade. Manufactured by Doimo Decor.

Doimo is an Italian company that produces objects for the home. Although the options are plentiful and span a wife variety of products, textiles and decorative pieces, they come together nicely in their “Seasons 4 Collection” that consists of a four curated groupings they call sub-collections. By dawning on the final of the four seasons – being winter – we see each little piece exude a bit of warmth and joy as they accompany your hot chocolate.

Miss Wool lampshade. Manufactured by Doimo Decor.

Regardless of the drama or nonchalance of your space, the Miss Wool lampshade by Doimo finds a place in all decor genres as a fabulous little design addition that gives a nod to your creative side.

About the Manufacturer: Doimo Decor is a company that creates decorative and functional pieces for the living spaces of our lives. Their wide range of products include everything from vases and lamps to carpets, textiles and paintings. They make sure the quality of the materials is high and the designs are innovative for each and every piece.

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