Best of 2011: Six Ways to Organize Your World

Organization has always been my favorite New Year’s resolution when my friends confess they need help. For those who know me best, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree (my mother has been known for making homework worksheets disappear into sensible piles in the cupboard after 20 minutes of neglect). So in exchange, I’ve decided to help all who may benefit from a little list of my favorite ways to organize the walls and shelving systems of the homes, offices, and even healthcare facilities from the year of 2011.

Best of 2011: Six Ways to Organize Your World.

Get Your Life Back on Track with the Art of Modern Organization

Best of 2011: Six Ways to Organize Your World.

Reef Storage System. Designed by Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher of Neuland. Manufactured by Interlübke.

1. Reef Storage System by Neuland

Mesmerizing right angles using varied lines and custom depths draw us into the underwater perception of Interlübke’s Reef Storage System. Conceived of and designed by Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher of Neuland, the artistic side is definitely outweighed by its objective to create a semi-camouflaged yet completely design-friendly space. “Reef will challenge us to design the things we love with greater self-confidence. If courage and imagination become habitual, then that is perhaps a revolution – but it is most certainly applied art of living. Reef, to the contrary, is proud to occupy this symbolic center stage in our lives.”

Best of 2011: Six Ways to Organize Your World.

Slat Rack. Manufactured by Wallter.

2. Slat Rack by Wallter

Designed by Linda and Max Geiser, the married founders of Wallter (formerly Fold Bedding), the gorgeous, modern interpretation of a coat rack comes in the form of the Slat Rack. Clearly, it holds more than your winter coat, and doesn’t use any ground space. Beyond its ability to care for your hung items, the rack also has special slats that can hold mail, folders, x-rays, magazines, etc. carefully for your journeys outside of the home.

Best of 2011: Six Ways to Organize Your World.

Spin n Store Square Carousel. Manufactured by Ergo.

3. Spin n Store Square Carousel by Ergo in Demand

For use in education, the Spin n Store comes in graphite or maple and can come in multiple heights, storing everything from books and binders to school supplies for the classroom. Created by Ergo in Demand – a specialty internet retailer that makes office furniture, flat panel mounting systesms and products that improve the workplace of any kind – they allow you to choose from two- to three-tier units with or without caster wheels for added flexibility.

Best of 2011: Six Ways to Organize Your World.

Extreme Storage Solutions. Designed by Marco Fumagalli. Manufactured by Martex.

4. Extreme Storage Solutons by Marco Fumagalli for Martex

Unlike the rectangular pieces found in Reef (above), fantastic shelving for books and anything in need of an organized space to call home may like the angles of the Extreme Storage by Marco Fumagalli for Martex. It’s ability to lie horizontally like a credenza, or vertically like a bookshelf makes it’s usage truly manipulative based on your interior home or office wishes. From a combination of modular pieces, the colorful expression of this polypropylene figure amps up you organization and style in one fell swoop.

Best of 2011: Six Ways to Organize Your World.

SheLLf. Designed by Ka-Lai Chan.

5) SheLLf by Ka-Lai Chan

Some find the candid, artistic side of the SheLLf to be more than their typical wall might bargain for. But strange as it may seem to put an optical illusion to work, Ka-Lai Chan‘s wall shelf does the job well using a rough interior and smooth lacquered frame. As the designer explains it, the four- and five-sided boxes spur our imaginations: “SheLLf goes from flat to more depth and spatiality, from small to larger and from one to several, various cabinets crawling in an exiting motion over the wall.. almost literally growing out of the wall to crawl out of their shell and take place in the surroundings.”

Best of 2011: Six Ways to Organize Your World.

Sonoma Wardrobe Collection. Manufactured by GLOBALcare.

6. Sonoma Wardrobe Collection by GLOBALcare

Create a sense of warmth using the modern design of the Sonoma Wardrobe Collection by GLOBALcare in healthcare facilities so that patients feel right at home. Using common sense in their aesthetic design – that represents the leaps and bounds that the contract market has made in creating gorgeous furnishings – the  two- or three-door models of the Sonoma Wardrobe features drawers, shelves and a space for hanging items or tall boots.

Don’t let 2012 get one day closer without a plan for transforming your home or work environment into a well-organized, sustainable temple of order using the six Best of 2011 organizational pieces of modern furniture.

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