StudioWorks Collection from KI Furniture

The way people work has changed drastically over the years. Traditional working environments have gotten a much needed facelift, and companies like KI furniture are taking valuable research and applying it to create healthier, intelligent productivity areas.

StudioWorks. Manufactured by KI Furniture.

Creating Space and Privacy through Movable Units

StudioWorks is not your typical team environment space. KI Furniture developed this collection to be adaptable with pieces that can work by themselves or as a group. Strong architectural elements keeps things fresh, and injects contemporary style to the workplace.

StudioWorks. Manufactured by KI Furniture.

Thick and thin elements are consistent throughout, to add interest and to create a sense of space and privacy. This is apparent with the storage spaces. Coordinating storage enhances the differences in size elements. By including a sense of permanence means that the user will have an increased sense of privacy. Even though the pieces are easily movable, the larger size means more concealment. Free standing islands also provide extra storage, as well as an area to congregate around to meet and discuss ideas.

StudioWorks. Manufactured by KI Furniture.

The elevated panels offset the storage. While the storage strives for secrecy, the panels are lifted off the floor to give a lighter appearance, and showcases the monolithic panels’ generous dimensions. These two features, the elevated panels and the storage, are combined together for a powerful effect, and furthering the collection’s mission to be airy yet durable.

StudioWorks. Manufactured by KI Furniture.

A final important part of StudioWorks is the tethered screen. It is a smooth transition into the work area. The clouded transparent glass is thinner and provides great natural light.

Space planning is easy with StudioWorks. Different companies have different needs in order for their employees to be productive, and KI understands that easily changeable desks and work stations is necessary. Flexibility is key, and the wide array of options that StudioWorks has to offer will meet the requirements of a proper working environment catered to the needs of your team.

About the Manufacturer: KI Furniture introduced their first product in 1941, a steel folding chair. They have customers in fields such as higher education, K-12, healthcare, business and government. The company is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, offering flexible design options for a variety of markets.

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