Nurture’s Folio Series of Casegoods for Healthcare

If you're in the trades, chances are you know about things like standard cabinetry height, which makes it easy to-say-install a dishwasher. If you're not, you may have found out the hard way, as you find yourself muttering under your breath: "why the ______ doesn't my new dishwasher fit?" Nurture's Folio Series of Casegoods isn't specifically tailored to accommodate a dishwasher, but it certainly could, as among this modular system's many healthcare-compliant features are ADA-specified surface heights.

Folio Casegoods for Healthcare. Manufactured by Nurture.

Nurture's Folio Casegoods Provide a Modular, Adaptable Solution to the Changing Demands of Healthcare

Folio Casegoods for Healthcare. Manufactured by Nurture.

The latter is just one among Folio's extensive roster of utilitarian features. The collection provides all the elements needed to create highly-functional and easily transformable healthcare infrastructure, "whether in exam rooms, lab environments, caregiver stations, or respite areas."

Nurture's Folio Series of Casegoods for Healthcare

All Folio Components are manufactured under rigorous quality control standards, meaning the components provide dependable function as they maintain a unified appearance. This makes it fast and easy to change configurations, especially since Folio cabinetry can accommodate extra shelves, at a moment's notice and "in the field."

Folio Casegoods for Healthcare. Manufactured by Nurture.

Folio's straight lines and clean aesthetic suit the venue in more ways than one: recessed bases allow easy integration of cove molding; matching wood grains on doors and drawers suit the elements' sharp, clean silhouette; modular casework features environmentally-sensitive materials; banded edges and solid surface tops control spillage, making clean-up easier and enhancing infection control.

Folio Casegoods for Healthcare. Manufactured by Nurture.

Lastly, no discussion of Nurture's Folio Casegoods is complete without mentioning the line's manifold hardware options. Doors and cabinet drawers come standard with Euro Hinges, a crafty feature that neatly hides hardware behind doors as they open to a spacious110°. Or you could go with the even niftier Five Knuckle Hinge, which lets doors swing open a full 270°, thus facilitating excellent access to cabinet interiors. Other options include four different profiles of stainless steel drawer pulls: D-pull, Contemporary, Opus, and Jazz.

About the Manufacturer: While Nurture concedes that no one can predict the future, they know it will demand a new brand of healthcare environment-one that's flexible, adaptable to patient and caregiver needs, endlessly-reconfigurable, and exceptionally durable. The manufacturer of seating, casegoods, caregiver stations, tables, worktools and carts for office and healthcare thus focuses on enhancing user comfort while increasing caregiver efficiency. Impressively functional product lines like the Folio and Sonata Series of Casegoods illustrate Nurture's success in meeting this objective.

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