Lilliana Ferreira’s Limited Edition Crochet Chest for Boca do Lobo

Who doesn’t salivate at the sight of a limited edition car, menu item, or car? It’s natural to desire something that is special, and how fitting then that the Crochet Chest by Lilliana Ferreira for Boca do Lobo falls into their category of Limited Edition pieces. On the other hand, let’s be real: I think I’d stop and stare at this piece whether it’s manufactured or a handmade one-of-a-kind.

Crochet Chest. Designed by Lilliana Ferreira. Manufactured by Boca do Lobo.

Inspired by the Craft of Crochet, Lilliana Ferreira for Boca do Lobo Creates the Crochet Chest of Metal and Wood.

Crafted to imitate traditional crochet work, the solid metal and wood construction of Lilliana Ferreira’s fantastic chest “dictates fantasy and heritage,” as she states in her product description of the dramatic Crochet Chest. It measures 39.3″W x 44.4″H x 22.8″D and was inspired by the craft form that has been around for centuries, only of a very different construction. Done with loops of yarn pulling through other loops of yarn, the brassy metal material weighing 60kg reinterprets the design of your grandmother’s heirloom art form.

Crochet Chest. Designed by Lilliana Ferreira. Manufactured by Boca do Lobo.

A local Portuguese jeweler took the brass material and created Ferreira’s vision in order to design the outer shell, or silhouette, of the wooden chest of drawers. With its overall dark feel, the Crochet Chest consists of seven drawers and contains darkened gold leaf that, as Ferreira finishes, “ensures a mystery and an elegance which contrasts with the vibrant jewel toned purple of the handles.”

This limited edition Crochet Chest by Lilliana Ferreira for Boca do Lobo is one of the most sophisticated wood and metal furnishings. Not coming across as industrial or over-simplified textures, the ornate, pseudo-crochet metalwork looks perfect atop the dark wood finish.

About the Manufacturer: Since 2005, Boca do Lobo has been a Portuguese furniture design house that uses all Portuguese designers and artisans. They focus on the creation and reinterpretation of modern and old-fashioned furniture styles by adding a twist of their own artistry. With handcrafted woodworking, metalwork, and high tech design solutions, the Coolor, Soho, and Limited Edition lines cross over what they call the “frontier between design and art”.

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