The Moones Grass Lamp Grows on You

When I look at the exceptionally lovely Moones Grass Lamp I picture the newly-verdant fields of my beloved Colorado. As a temporary exile in the South (where for all practical purposes it’s already summer), this time of year I grow particularly nostalgic at the image of those broad valleys at the foot of the Elk Mountains, just replete with Spring’s annual green fodder for the new calves. The Grass Lamp suggests all the potentially wonderful uses of that greenery beyond foodstuffs, thus joining the ranks of another institution in Southwest Colorado—straw bale building.

Moones Grass Lamp. Designed by Moones.

The Grass Lamp Illuminates Nature’s Bounty

The straw in straw bale homes is essentially a waste product—too tough and fibrous for consumption, yet possessed of excellent insulative properties, and, when tightly bundled, exceptionally strong. The Moones Grass Lamp does straw and its variations the honor of highlighting its attractive aesthetic, while simultaneously revealing its renewable potential. The elegant lightpiece is of simple construction. The formula, says Moones, includes “the finest recycled resins, beach grass, and energy efficient lighting components.”

Though “beach grass” may be a bit removed from my beloved Colorado straw, the appearance is similar and the utility is the same. The incorporation of found vegetation, that, incidentally, is wholly renewable and perpetually renewed, gives this Grass Lamp an aura of home-grown ingenuity. And as it throws its sublime shadows and gently suffused light across the room, you’ll certainly agree that the Moones Grass Lamp is nothing to shake a stick at.


Via Interior Design.

About the Manufacturer: Mill Valley California is the home of Moones, a humble manufacturer with a local ethos and a yen for environmental awareness. All of Moones products are 100% eco-friendly. This means their lovely collection of floor lamps, table lamps, pendants, and custom lighting solutions employ recycled, recyclable, and energy efficient materials: reclaimed and naturally-occurring resins, beach grasses, bamboo. The use of vegetation as part and parcel of the design gives all Moones’ lights a distinctive aesthetic and singular appeal.

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