Base Camp collection, Campfire from Turnstone

Turnstone targets smaller businesses, offering solutions for companies that need room to create, learn, share and grow. Base Camp caught my eye, not only for its design but also for its flexible uses of the individual pieces . Not to be confused with the project management software by the same name, though both do provide a system for getting your team organized.

Base Camp. Manufactured by Turnstone.

In addition to a wide variety of colors and materials, this mobile collection is customized to suit your ideal work area.

This furniture collection offers many uses, from lounging during a coffee break, to team meetings, or a place to get down to work. Base Camp is highly mobile to fulfill many needs.

The Base Camp collection has seating options, tables, and even a statement lamp. Playing off of the Base Camp theme, these are called Campfire. Reminiscent of summer days spent away at camp, these are meant to be gathering places.

Base Camp. Manufactured by Turnstone.

The Campfire Big Lounge is a multi-use item. Gather on it for a meeting, or a cat-nap (we’ll keep that one a secret). It comes in a countless array of colors, including solids, textures, stripes, and multi-fabrics. Along with this couch-like product is the Campfire Ottoman, which can serve as a stool, table, or for putting your feet up after closing a deal.

Base Camp. Manufactured by Turnstone.

My favorite piece is the Campfire Big Lamp. Not because I have a bias, or because it is necessarily the best design out of the group, but because it ties the collection together. Large, yet unimposing, its rounded shade casts light on any situation. It hangs overhead, to provide the right amount of light without being in the way.

Base Camp. Manufactured by Turnstone.

Base Camp has two tables in the collection, the Campfire Paper Table, and the Campfire Personal Table. The Campfire Paper Table is available in two versions, one has paper on the tabletop, so you can scribble down ideas, tear off and go. It is a new twist on the cocktail napkin. The second option is a glass top. This flexible work surface also has a beautiful assortment of base colors to choose from, including Virginia walnut, blackwood, clear walnut, and warm oak. For a simpler design, the Campfire Personal Table is a gem, especially as an easy laptop table. It is available in a handsome oak veneer.

Base Camp. Manufactured by Turnstone.

Another thing to consider when building your perfect workspace is privacy for you and other employees. The Campfire Screens are semi transparent, which gives just enough privacy without being completely shut off from the outside world. Use one or a group depending on your ideal scenario.

Turnstone makes it extremely easy to mix and match very affordable, business savvy furniture.

Gather around the proverbial campfire. But instead of scary stories, share business plans, and instead of s’mores, cook up yummy ideas. “Self sustaining and highly mobile, Base Camp is everything you need to create your favorite place to work. An ideal spot to command, meet, lounge, or shutter up for a solo endeavor, the freedom to choose is yours”.

About the Manufacturer: Turnstone is one of the three Steelcase brands; Turnstone, Steelcase, and Coalesse. Turnstone offers solutions for smaller companies with limited budgets, with room to grow and improve their working space. Sustainable by design, and minimal installation, Turnstone products are very affordable, but not cheaply made. They believe that every working space is different, so they offer many tools to help you build the perfect space, with plenty of materials and finishes to mix and match.

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