Go Biophilic with Darran’s Bota Lounge

Go Biophilic with Darran’s Bota Lounge

Whether the interior of the Guggenheim or the delicate contours of a budding flower, the circle inspires connection, repetition, focus.

Bota modular lounge in green in front of window and open wall with lake view

Keith Melbourne’s Bota Modular lounge for Darran calls on this universal evocation with this simplest yet most mysterious of shapes.

View from above of modular lounge system with gray upholstery

Bota is versatile and accommodating. Different configurations and various modules can be used to instill comfort and inspire collaboration. Above is a large-radius arrangement for multiple users. Below demonstrates the facility with which Bota transforms into a more intimate space.

Bota booth in light gray beneath big orange light fixture with people working

High-backed modules placed across from one another create an acoustic cocoon effect. Integrated tables and integrated power effectively transform the space into a mini-conference room.

Modular lounge in dark gray, green, and fabric with biophilic print

Bota Lounge calls on the intuitively relaxing shapes of nature—instilling calm and creative focus across a range of sizes and styles.

Bota shades of gray in half-circle shape
Bota yelllow and gray

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