70 CM Modern Gas Cooktop by Elleci

One pitfall of buying an older house—and not having the resources to start from scratch—is the ongoing frustration of mismatched appliances. With our aged abode, we’ve finally gotten to the point where fridge, dishwasher, and sink all complement one another nicely, but the cooktop still sticks out like a sore thumb. Manufacturer Elleci offers an elegant solution to this quandary—like all their cooktops, the 70 CM Modern Gas Hob is an excellent match with their sinks.

70 CM Gas Cooktop From the Modern Line. Manufactured by Elleci.

Elleci’s 70 CM Gas Cooktop is Available in Six Gorgeous Finishes.

One philosophy behind Elleci’s line is that cooktops are just as much of an aesthetic statement as a utilitarian one. Accordingly, not only are each and every one of their 14 cooktops chock full of modern features, they’re also tailor made to enhance the kitchen’s overall decor.

70 CM Gas Cooktop From the Modern Line. Manufactured by Elleci.

Firmly grounded in the “Mediterranean Culinary Tradition,” Elleci’s cooktops cover the decorative gamut—this means six different lines (Modern, New Modern, Crystal, Style, Classic, and New Classic) each with a choice of multiple finishes. Part of the Modern Line, the 70 CM Gas Hob offers a clean, elegant look.

70 CM Gas Cooktop From the Modern Line. Manufactured by Elleci.

Among the Modern 70’s most comely features are its five burners spaced in a starburst pattern. This configuration optimizes distribution, so differently-sized pans don’t have to jockey for space. With dimensions of 50 x 70 cm, the unit is large enough to easily execute a multiple-course meal, but slim enough to work with smaller kitchens.

70 CM Gas Cooktop From the Modern Line. Manufactured by Elleci.

Other noteworthy qualities of Elleci’s Modern 70 Cooktop are cast iron supports, an under knob electronic ignition system, black matte ring covers, and a gas safety shut-off feature. Like all of Elleci’s cooktops, the Modern 70 offers one hand ignition and triple crown burners for even heat distribution. Finish options for the Modern 70 include black, titanium, chromo, jada, and white.

About the Manufacturer: Italian manufacturer Elleci exhibits a certain pride of place. The company does justice to the credo “Made in Italy,” by manufacturing high-quality, reliable, durable, and attractive ovens, cooktops, hoods, sinks, and mixers. Citing Ralph Waldo Emerson, Elleci believes that nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without enthusiasm—this means that the Elleci team pours their heart and soul into their product line, and it shows in spades. In the company’s 20 years of existence, Elleci has made a name for itself as a premium supplier of some of the globe’s finest kitchen sinks and appliances: “Entirely made in Italy with Italian components and natural top quality materials... according to the company’s exclusive styles and designs and in line with venerated Italian craftsmanship and tradition.”

Posted November 10, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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