The Sonoma Wardrobe Collection by GLOBALcare

With all the present controversy about the state of healthcare in America, Globalcare’s Sonoma Wardrobe Collection seems especially timely. This is because the line offers the kind of common-sense, cost-effective approach to addressing one aspect (admittedly, one among hundreds) of America’s health crisis—the state of the infrastructure.

Sonoma Wardrobe Collection. Manufactured by GLOBALcare.

GLOBALcare’s Sonoma Wardrobes Are Stylish, Functional, and Reliable

Sonoma Wardrobe Collection. Manufactured by GLOBALcare.

I can only speak from my (luckily minimal) personal experience, but the interiors of the hospital rooms and long-term care facilities I’ve seen have been less than cheery, far short of the kind of spirit-lifting ambiance that might actually speed patients along in their recovery. Thankfully, Globalcare’s Sonoma Collection gives every evidence of recognizing the crucial importance of the surrounding space.

Sonoma Wardrobe Collection. Manufactured by GLOBALcare.

The Sonoma Wardrobes not only represent an aesthetic departure from the typical hospital or long-term facility fare, but a functional one as well. In short, these are handsome and utilitarian furnishings—they nicely balance stylistic imperatives with the particular demands of healthcare environments.

Sonoma Wardrobe Collection. Manufactured by GLOBALcare.

A variety of configurations acknowledges different storage preferences. Just so, the Sonoma Wardrobe line offers a three-door model with half-height storage + drawers on one side, and full-height hanging storage on the other. The two-door model devotes half of its space to full-height hanging storage, while the other half offers half-height hanging storage and adjustable shelf space.

As the high volume of users demands, the Sonoma Wardrobes display exceptional durability. High-pressure laminate tops and sides, commercial quality door hinges, full-length aluminum leg framework, and height-adjustable glides assure reliable performance and excellent longevity.

Other innovative features include a lower polymer-lined drainage reveal so staff can easily identify and clean-up spills; five different handle options with a variety of distinct contours and clearance ranges; and various accessories such as safety mirrors, garment hooks, and external hanging devices.

About the Manufacturer: Globalcare has been in existence for just over 25 years. In that relatively brief period the company has shown impressive foresight and extraordinary dynamism in anticipating the changing needs of an aging population. Globalcare excels at creating aesthetically-appealing furniture that can withstand the rigors of hospitals, wellness centers, long-term care facilities, and assisted-living environments. The product line includes everything from personal room furniture (bedside cabinets, dressers, TV cabinets, and wardrobes), to universal seating (for public rooms, staff lounges, and dining halls), to tables for any application.

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