The Indoor/Outdoor Cedar Framed Planter Boxes by k.dille designs

When Kaisa Dille came up with the idea to craft Cedar framed planter boxes, the goal may have been to create a simple way for plants to grow within plain sight. But after witnessing the effect that a well-traveled, innately fashionable landscape designer could have on an interior space through “living art”, perhaps k.dille designs found she was paving a new path: using a little nurture with a fresh look for nature.

Cedar Framed Planter Box, 42″. Designed by Kaisa Dille. Manufactured by k.dille designs.

Room Divider, Privacy Screen, or Window Planter: The Cedar Framed Planter Boxes by k.dille designs

With the often inexplicable skill-set that growing up on a farm provides, Dille learned from her father – a natural horseman, farmer, and living legend – that working with her own two hands is a gift. Using durable cedar wood, the designer created Cedar framed planter boxes that come in three sizes: 42″ x 2′ x 4″, 24″ x 2′ x 4″, and 18″ x 2′ x 4″. The larger two boxes come stained with linseed oil, while the smaller is stained in a deep walnut with a weatherproof finish to get through vast seasonal changes in temperature and precipitation. Instead of the linseed or walnut stains, custom staining is available in natural, mahogany, or walnut (for the larger two planters).

Cedar Framed Planter Box, 42

Cedar Framed Planter Boxes. Designed by Kaisa Dille. Manufactured by k.dille designs.

Instead of making it a traditional planter, Dille’s out-of-the-box expertise recommends that we “hang this custom made planter box on your deck as an alternative to a privacy screen or use them as a room divider to define separate spaces in your home.” Bring the planters into or outside of the home, office, or commercial space using a strong cedar construction that is filled with greenery – instead of heavily-manufactured room dividers and privacy screens – for a truly refreshing approach to interior design. Each planter comes with sturdy hardware for easy installation. The 42″ planter includes three 3-foot chains, 6 eye hook screws and 6 quick links. The 24″ and 18″ planters include two 3-foot lengths of chain, 4 eye hook screws and 4 quick links.

Cedar Framed Planter Box, 42

Cedar Framed Planter Box, 18″. Designed by Kaisa Dille. Manufactured by k.dille designs.

As Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun.” Similar then is Dille’s approach to indoor-outdoor planters serving as “living art” through the warm stains, climate-proof hardware, and entirely handmade construction that allow us to breathe in a little bit of the lively outdoors wherever we choose to hang them.

About the Designer: Kaisa Dille of k.dille designs comes from what she calls “a slice of frigid farm land” in Minnesota. After living on both East and West coasts of the United States, Dille found herself in Chicago, embracing her desire to create things using wood, organic and found materials that can be used in the home and on the patio.

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