Compact Contract: Solace by OCee Design

Part of the Design Collection by UK contract furniture company OCee Design, Solace seating gives you a lot of peace and comfort in a relatively small footprint. Solace is a “versatile seating solution for confined spaces.” In OCee’s Reception and Breakout products, Solace gives an ideal spot in which to lounge—without relying on overly large dimensions. The upholstered chair provides a personal nook that’s inviting. It is not, however, so big that one becomes lost amidst the cushions like an errant piece of spare change.

Solace seating. Manufactured by OCee Design.

Lounge Chair with Small Footprint

Solace seating. Manufactured by OCee Design.

The stylish tub design of Solace gets a nice finish with sleek brushed chrome legs. The four legs end in circular feet that anchor Solace and give the chair a playful touch. With two-tone fabric for “that little extra dimension,” Solace can be quite playful. Like all OCee Design pieces, Solace comes with a five-year warranty. The seating also has a content that’s at least 95% recyclable.

Solace seating. Manufactured by OCee Design.

OCee Design offers a wide range of fabric choices, allowing you to make Solace more sedate or lively as your space dictates. In duos and trios, Solace lends itself well to creating wonderful little conversation areas in hotel lobbies or hallways (or in lifts, for that matter, though this trend of “domesticating the elevator” has sadly decreased since the early twentieth century).

About the Manufacturer: UK contract furniture company OCee Design operates from its production and showroom facilities in Northamptonshire. Specializing in commercial seating, OCee design sought to offer excellent customer service to its clients by abolishing traditional factory holiday shutdowns, instituting a five-day delivery cycle, and providing a five-year warranty. Founded in 1990 as Office Chairman Limited, the company changed its name in 2009 and began working with leading designers in the industry such as David Fox.

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