The Bamboo Rolling Chair by Olivia Meillassoux and Céline Coutard

With the landmark fibreglass chairs by Charles and Ray Eames serving as inspiration for many in furniture design and beyond, French designers Olivia Meillassoux and Céline Coutard’s bamboo version stands out. Entitled the Rolling Chair, it does an awful lot more than replicate the popular silhouette.

Rolling Chair. Designed by Olivia Meillassoux.

Bamboo Strips Spun with Eco-Resin Create the Rolling Chair by French Designers.

As Meillassoux restates on her Coroflot page dedicated to the Rolling design, “this chair is a ‘redesign of the Eames chair’, a design icon of the 50‘s, made of fibreglass and resin. Our first idea was to redesign it according to the eco conception principle.” Upon reading through the Charles and Ray Eames site, it is apparent they have taken steps to make the original as earth-friendly as possible also. Instead of the the original fiberglass-infused plastic, they now use a “more ecologically supportable material” for the chair shells made from 100% recyclable polypropylene.

Rolling Chair. Designed by Olivia Meillassoux.

But for a completely bamboo appearance, Meillassoux and Coutard roll up small strips of the wood with a green-friendly resin. Meillassoux states of its textured appearance, “the fibers are very apparent,” which is similar to the polypropylene material used by Herman Miller, only more obvious. The legs and outside of the Rolling Chair is painted a bright color for a gorgeous, artistic contrast.

Rolling Chair. Designed by Olivia Meillassoux.

Like designer Olivia Meillassoux states, the Rolling Chair “evokes natural, free, and organic forms” in furniture design that makes it completely independent from its predecessor, and a chic, eco-friendly option for Eames fans everywhere.

About the Designer: Olivia Meillassoux is in her fifth year of the Ecole de Design de Nantes Atlantique. In her last two years, she’s been doing exchange programs in Bangalore at the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore, India. Throughout her education, Meillassoux has focused on eco-friendly concept designs with an emphasis in industrial design, packaging, and 3-D modeling.

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