New Infrastructure for the Classroom: Vanerum•Stelter’s Hinge Board

As one whose school days are more than two decades in the past, I can relate to the metaphor of “nails on the chalkboard,” as I was educated during a time when that implement was still stage center in most high school classrooms. With the advent of the whiteboard, however, the emotional resonance of white chalk on green slate has well-nigh vanished, like so many dust motes released by clapped-together erasers. With Vanerum•Stelter’s new Tri-Panel Hinge Board, however, that familiar green is brought back to the fore.

Hinge Board in Green Slate. Designed and Manufactured by Vanerum•Stelter.

Vanerum•Stelter’s Hinge Board Puts Educational Options at Your Fingertips

If you’ve not heard the term before, Hinge Board refers to a horizontally-foldable tri-panel educational writing surface. The three broad boards intersect at these swinging junctions, effectively creating a triptych for that special brand of classroom humiliation.

The above is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, of course. Even though no one but a teacher’s pet actually enjoys writing in front of the class, the activity is indispensable in the course of a sound education. But the truly appreciative party here is undoubtedly the teacher, who can choose to outfit Vanerum•Stelter’s Hinge Board in any combination of three equally utilitarian surfaces: slate, cork, or white board.

Hinge Board in Green Slate. Designed and Manufactured by Vanerum•Stelter.

If the Hinge Board is any indication, Vanerum•Stelter certainly understands the logistical challenges of the classroom, as the piece addresses the importance of presenting information in a clear, organized, and visible fashion: “The versatility of hinged boards allows you—at any given time—to hide or show data in a simple way. If you open the board completely, you will have a writing surface of no less than six metres at your disposal.”

Hinge Board in Green Slate. Designed and Manufactured by Vanerum•Stelter.

This ought to be space enough to flex the cognitive chops of students both young and old, of educators both established and new to the game. The Hinge Board also incorporates several features that enhance functionality and utility: magnetic surfaces, precision roll-down line guides, lightweight sandwich construction with a honeycomb core, rounded corner pieces and caps, and stove-enameled aluminum feet with rolling casters.

About the Manufacturer: And here I thought that Michigan was just ground zero for domestic contract wares… As it turns out, the state shaped like an oven mitt also knows a thing or two about furniture for education. Proclaiming to “Raise the bar for dynamic movement,” Grand Rapids manufacturer Vanerum•Stelter designs and creates seating, tables, and desks, as well as modules for filing, storage, and display. All of these reflect a deep understanding of how students and teachers interact on a daily basis: “our ultimate goal is simple: to make the places where people study, present, communicate, teach and learn, as appealing, productive and healthy as possible.”

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