Modo Medical Carts

Modo, a United States company that specializes in designing and producing medical carts, offers two functional models entitled ilab and Softbox. By making only one product, Modo is able to truly analyze the needs of users and respond to them in detail with unique features. It is a company that prides itself on listening—to doctors and to nurses and to everyone else who might have need of using their products.

ilab medical cart. Manufactured by Modo.

Compact, Modular Medical Cart Earns IF Award

The recipient of an IF Award for Excellent Product Design, the ilab cart emerged as a response to a specific need from Boston Scientific, who “wanted to use standard technology components for its new intravascular ultrasound imaging system.” Boston Scientific requested a small footprint and a distinct style—and that gave rise to ilab. With a modular design that’s much smaller than competing medical carts in the healthcare market, ilab “reduces cost and simplifies a complex procedure.”

ilab medical cart. Manufactured by Modo.

Another smart invention from Modo is the Softbox, developed for Flo Healthcare. This cart answers a specific need: “Hospitals need help to close the gap between people and automation. Softbox does that. Softbox gives nurses the room to transport medications and the technology to verify delivery.” The unit stores a wireless PC, battery power supply, bar code scanner, and everything else nurses might need in convenient drawers.

About the Manufacturer: Modo designs and builds only one thing: medical carts. This explains why the Oregon-based company develops such specialized, tailored items. Many of their medical carts have patentable designs with unique features. Modo also wants to answer the specific demands and needs of their clients: “We work with your ‘look and feel’ to deliver on your brand promise.”

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