After6DesignStudio Presents FLO

After6DesignStudio, otherwise known as A6DS, is lately familiar to readers for their sustainably-inclined philosophical/art piece known as GreyGreen, which graced our virtual pages last summer with its unique proposition for making us all more mindful of our energy use. Also from After6 last year… the uniquely-shaped, horizontally-oriented A6DS fireplace, featuring a six foot linear burner encased in a frame made of bent plywood. Today’s contribution from A6DS is none other than FLO, a limited edition sculptural chair to be debuted at this month’s Toronto Interior Design Show, January 21-24.

FLO. Designed by Sia Zanjani for After6DesignStudio.

FLO is an enticing, adjustable concept (dare I call it “modular?”) that begins with an intricate layering of one of my favorite design materials—laminated plywood. The 36 sheets that constitute the sitting surface of FLO are modeled with CAD techniques and cut with the precision expertise of CNC technology. For those of you not up to snuff with these trendy acronyms, the former refers to “Computer Aided Drawing,” and the latter signifies “Computer Numerical Control.” Suffice it to say that the cutting becomes the domain of the very steady hand of a mathematical processor (assembly is still achieved via the vaunted reliability of a master craftsman’s hand).



The fortuitous blend of man and machine imparts FLO with a distinctive aesthetic. The intricacy of the layered laminate sheets gives the piece a smooth and sleek feel, which is counter-posed with the distinctive curved silhouette of both seat and footrest. But the real coup d’etat of Flo is the laminated glass backrest that bisects the seat. The feature creates an unprecedented aesthetic while imparting a high portability/convenience quotient: the backrest can be easily removed and the footrest/side table can be nested within the cavity of the chair. These space-saving qualities are one more attribute to a piece that deserves acclaim. FLO is a captivating and intelligent furnishing that deftly negotiates the art/design divide.

Designer: Sia Zanjani
Manufacturer: After6DesignStudio
Visualizations: Tom Svilans

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