Lighting the Flame of Learning: ActivBoard 500 PRO by Promethean

Prometheus manufactures learning tools for the millennial classroom. The company begins all their design with two principles in mind: 1. No one understands teaching better than teachers. 2. The best way to engage tech-savvy students is through technology. With that in mind, Prometheus created the ActivBoard 500 Pro system, the next generation of interactive whiteboards. With intuitive pen + touch capability, the ActivBoard 500 Pro uses Windows 7 to provide access to “rich and engaging content” in order to make learning interactive and fun.

ActivBoard 500 Pro. Manufactured by Promethean.

Collaborative and Interactive Whiteboard

ActivBoard 500 Pro. Manufactured by Promethean.

The ActivBoard 500 Pro responds to students’ “natural way of interacting with technology modeled on real world behavior and gestures.” A collaborative tool, this whiteboard accommodates multiple users working on a single task. Images can be moved, scaled, and rotated with a simple touch of the finger; use the pen for writing and drawing tasks. Available as an 87” or 95” widescreen board, Prometheus’ system also incorporates an integrated sound system and ActivInspire Professional Edition software.

ActivBoard 500 Pro. Manufactured by Promethean.

But the ActivBoard 500 Pro goes beyond simple technology. It works in conjunction with Prometheus’ ActivClassroom solutions and content, which gives teachers access to teaching resources such as math tools, sounds, templates, and gesture touch applications. The idea is to “bring our vision of more engaged, successful education to life.” To this end, Prometheus maintains the world’s largest online community of educators on a dedicated website entitled PrometheanPlanet. Teachers find a community of peer support, as well as free instructional resources such as lesson plans and training courses.

About the Manufacturer: Promethean designs and manufactures leading-edge technology for the education field. The company’s aim is lofty: “to unlock the potential of human achievement in education and training at all ages around the world.” By coupling their learning technology with the world’s largest online teaching community, Promethean hopes to “unleash the potential of human achievement.” Classroom or boardroom, the company hopes to make technology that helps teachers, students, workers, and citizens.

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