The iPoo Toilet by Milos Paripovic

One thing I find sort of curious about the design aesthetic of Mac is that the very palpable form of their very prominent icon—an apple of course—has never found its way into the formal vernacular of their products. Of course, the slim, sleek, sexy look has definitely earned its cache, yet I find it amusing that the first Apple product I’ve seen that’s actually shaped like the fruit is a WC: the iPoo by Milos Paripovic.

iPoo Toilet. Designed by Milos Paripovic.

The iPoo Toilet by Milos Paripovic Keeps You Wired in While on the Loo

iPoo Toilet. Designed by Milos Paripovic.

Full disclosure requires me, and designer Paripovic, to reveal that the iPoo is actually a bit of a lark—there is in fact no direct link between the assorted brainchildren of Jobs/Wozniak and this high-tech John.

iPoo Toilet. Designed by Milos Paripovic.

Even so, one could certainly see how hard core devotees might be smitten. Paripovic’s iPoo is definitely slim and sleek, yet its entire profile evokes the distinctive backlit icon at the center and the heart of every Mac and iPhone.

iPoo Toilet. Designed by Milos Paripovic.

The toilet features the very same finish of iridescent chrome as those silvery Macs. The bowl is in the shape of an apple, which, incidentally, according to Paripovic, is the perfect shape to accommodate one’s bottom. The lid of the iPoo matches the shape of the bowl and the simple one button function (inset into the apple leaf that doubles as the toilet back) evokes the smart and simple one touch functionality of a Mac.

Via Decoist.

About the Designer: Milos Paripovic is a digital artist and designer working out of Belgrade, Serbia. Among his more notable creations, one finds his eerily realistic facsimiles of human heads, his unusually diminutive and especially aerodynamic sports cars, and his tongue-in-cheek iPoo Toilet: “After purchasing this toilet you can claim you are a great designer! University Art Degree is not required.”

Posted February 6, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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